* My OLD SCHOOL Collection Reveal*

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  1. Thanks, Naza. :heart:
  2. Thanks, Tastan :heart: I know! It's not fair and it's against the law to tax foreigners, non-French-residents. Since my visa states my stay of less than 1 year (364 days), they are not allowed to tax me. They did it anyway b/c on the spot they knew I wouldn't leave my violin there for "further investigation." It sucked so bad to be me that day. Right off the plane after a long delayed flight, saying goodbye to my family in America, worrying about my pets the whole time, I find this lovely welcome awaiting me. They were searching through all my stuff. They didn't even bother searching my husband, which I found to be quite strange. Good thing they didn't look inside the one carry-on with all my RMs. They wouldn't have hesitated to tax me some more.
  3. Just a little thought for you, axcelle, to help you reminisce. :heart:
    I swear, the clouds look different here.... Hubby and I drove down to Avignon this past weekend and the scenery was incredible. The castles and monasteries in the distance, the prairies with different shades of green, the white cows, cyprus and olive trees, lavender fields, sunflowers, and.... McDrives! No wonder so many countries reside in and have fought for such a space, the land is just breathtaking!
  4. :nuts: That's a beautiful collection. In fact that's is a PERFECT collection. LOVE IT
  5. CH4 - I love your collection! For some reason I thought you had more bags, did you sell or is this the lucky selection that gets to come to France with you? So how are your pets doing? Did you get to take them as well? That's one thing that worries me about moving abroad again someday... I can't leave my pup behind. :cry:
  6. Thanks, MayBabe! :heart: I love RM classics. They're what hooked me to the designer. I'd see my collection as perfect if I could find a couple of particular bags down the road. For now, I am very very content!

    Thanks, confusionmonkey! :heart: I do have a couple more MACs, a Rose, and a No Strings Satchel. But you're right, this is just the old school collection I'm showing. I managed to bring everything except the Rose and the NSS.
    Thanks for asking about my pets! They are all here with us and well. I was so worried about them on the flight. I knew Garfield would be surfing the whole time and Jenny would pretend it wasn't happening, and Odie would have a bet with himself on how much he could expel from his body. They were a nervous wreck by the time we got to customs, then the customs nightmare came for 2.5 hours... Of around 14 hours of traveling (3 hours of waiting + 8 hours of flight + 2.5 hours of customs), my dogs hadn't had accidents in their crates, but Odie the cat had done everything in his crate.
    Where we live, there is a large yard with apple, pear, and peach trees. My dogs love to run around in the yard with the resident dog, a lab, the gardener's dog. My cat remains an indoor cat and he sunbathes all day. But wow, there are so many spiders here. Not my type of pet.
  7. While waiting... Some photos at my mom-in-law's place:

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] With Garfield[​IMG] With Jenny[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  8. You paint amazing word pictures :smile:
  9. I loveeeeeee your collection!
  10. Ha, Jenny and your bag look perfect together!
  11. :nuts: Hey girly!!! You've been missed :hugs: Glad you finally have internet, and OMG! I don't think I've ever seen a full pic of you. You're absolutely GORGEOUS. That totally sucks about the taxes. They don't make moving easy these days :sad:

    You look great, and all these photos are awesome! So glad you are enjoying France. I'm SOOO jealous!~


  12. :hugs: So sorry you had to deal with that.
  13. Aww your poor pets!! I'd be going crazy worried leaving them alone for 14 hours!

    Love these photo's!! Jenny and Garfield are breathtaking :heart:

  14. Thanks for the sweet words, ladies. :heart:

    Desi - Jenny and Garfield give you a big kiss!
  15. Crazy~ I hope you're settling into your new home!~ but i'm sure your pets will make you feel at home wherever you go!~