* My OLD SCHOOL Collection Reveal*

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  1. Huge congrats on finding your HG!! I love your collection!!
    Wow, you're bringing all your babies as carry-on :blink: that'll be quite a carry-on, is a haul a better word?? haha
    Best of Luck on your time away, but do stay in touch and make us all jealous with gorgeous pics of your travels!
  2. Thanks, everyone! :heart: I will take tons of pics and will carry my babies everyday, so you'll see a lot of us in ACTION!

    Mel - you are too funny!
  3. I am so glad that you got her on time and that she will travel with you to France. So much better than sitting in my closet. I wish you safe travels. Take care.
  4. Are you moving there permanently?
    Have a safe journey! I am so envious :smile: Don't forget to log back onto TPF from time to time. Best thing about the internet, there is no boundries :smile:

    p.s. sorry forgot to mention the most important thing, your RMs are GORGEOUS!!! What a lovely collection!! :heart:
  5. Absolutely stunning collection! I am in awe of your move to FRANCE! I'm sure we will continue to see you here in the Forum...I hope!
  6. I'm glad you find that useful. How about pictures of the rest of the bags? :biggrin:

    I'm :drool::drool::drool: over your collection!
  7. GORGEOUS! I'm so elated that you were able to find your HG. It's amazing! :love: So glad it made it in time for your move! I've been way busy and so have only been off and on here to post... if I don't see you around before your flight over there, have a safe trip! :hugs:

    Can't wait to see your bags against the gorgeous French scenery. It kills me that I wasn't into RM during my last European adventure, so many lost photo ops! :P
  8. Lovely, lovely!! As always, your pics are gorgeous...and what a stunning collection! I am into the oldies, too. :tender:

    I am so happy that you got your HG back!!!! :love:
  9. WoW....the ultimate collection....lovely.
  10. love your collection.. thanks for sharing!
  11. Felicitations C4H. And it came in time to make the trip. She's a beauty and is a great addition to your MA collection.
  12. You have the perfect collection!!

    Enjoy the next year and I look forward to all your RM action photos!!
  13. beautiful collection! I love your emerald niki
  14. One of the best collections ever!!! I am so envious! Glad you found your Stonewash again...:biggrin:
  15. I'm so happy you've been reunited with your long lost love! ;) Considering the timing of it all, it really was meant to be yours! Gorgeous collection too. I'm LOVING that Emerald Nikki!:love: Be safe on your trip!!