* My OLD SCHOOL Collection Reveal*

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  1. Thought I'd do a quick reveal between my packing sessions. :graucho:

    I found my ultimate HG yesterday and SHE IS PERFECTION ON HANDLES, not excluding the handles themselves.
    Now, I used to have one of these and gave it up to fund a Bbag during my Bbag obsession. I love Bbags but the bag I had gotten, I had sold within the month, and clearly I wasn't thinking straight. Since then, I'd been pining and obsessing over this particular bag... to find it at any cost. And, I can't believe the timing...

    The seller was awesome. I had been in communication with the seller and told her that I am moving abroad on Friday. She made sure that the bag shipped the same day as the auction's end. She is among us, a SUPER TPFer. You know who you are!

    Blue Stonewash MAM:


    And now on to the other old schoolers...

    White/ Brown Basketweave:


    Emerald Nikki:


    My Wine MAB came back with new handles:


    Everyone together:
  2. Tout prêt pour leur voyage!
  3. Gorgeous!!!! That's a heavenly collection! And the Stonewash is the topper on the cake.
  4. I DIE :faint:

    Crazy4- I can not believe you have an emerald Nikki!
  5. OMG- I :love:All of them congrats
  6. Dang, MSG... I had no idea you spoke French so well!!! I'm pretty sure you speak better than I do!
  7. C4H: Wow, the collection that you'll bring to France with you!!! :nuts: How many RMs do you own now? ;)

    Just curious, does the color of the Blue Stonewash (in the first, standalone pic) look true to real life? Mine looks quite a bit darker and more grey, less blue.... The Blue Stonewash was only done once (i.e. no recut), is that right?
  8. Perfection!
  9. i studied for 12 years LOL traveled through France a few times too! Studied abroad in high school. I can actually write it better than I speak it!
  10. what an amazing collection!! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks, ladies. :heart::hugs::smooch:

    Luvs - I have around 10 including clutches. I always sell in order to fund, so I don't over do it. I tend to over do it. And yes, they're all coming with me in my carry-on with clothes stuffed in them! That's Tastan's brilliant advice!
    The BSW MAM solo pic is true to color. I used to have one that is a little more blue brand new, but I'm sure with time this one will get bluer, if YKWIM. I think we both purchased the re-cut last year, if I remember correctly. And that is the one I so stupidly let go to fund that Bbag. Ugh.

    MSG - You are full of surprises.
  12. You have a gorgeous old school collection. Congrats on finding your HG -- stonewash blue is one of the best colors that RM has ever done. Can't wait to see pics of stonewash blue in France!
  13. :heart::heart::heart: your collection!
  14. What an amazing collection! That Stonewash Blue MAM was worth every penny.
  15. Awesome collection! Safe travels to you and your RM's!