* My OLD SCHOOL Collection Reveal*

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  1. Thanks, Kira. That is so true. My pets do help to make me feel at home here. I :heart: your new bag and avatar!
  2. Oh C4H! Breathtaking pictures!
  3. Those are astonishing pictures of France! You are living the dream. Please take many pix for us stuck here!

    And a special thanks for all the WBW pix!
  4. Will you still be able to fight the tax on your violin? It certainly doesn't sound fair and I'm glad that they didn't find your RMs. I'm still wondering how you manage to stuff them into your carry-on though? :confused1:

    Did you shrink them prior to packing? :biggrin:
  5. Thank you!~ ^^

    yes~ furry friends are the best!
  6. Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies! :heart:

    Tastan - We are in the process of fighting the tax. As I guessed, they thought I was in France to sell the instrument... and what better way for the customs people to get promotions for meeting/ nay exceeding their quota for the month. They are now asking for proof that I am indeed a musician and not a seller of violins. My Musicians' Union membership should do. It's going to be so freaking annoying to go through the process, but it must be done not just for the money but principle alone.

    The bags were unstuffed, the MACs in one MAB, stacked and all in their respective dust bags. Worked like a charm and no damage to the bags. :tup:
  7. C4H - Thank you & DH so much for the lovely pictures...gorgeous, picturesque -- images that should be captured on canvas. This is such a nice change of pace for the frenzied shopping, bag hourding craziness of tpf. Keep 'em coming!
  8. Wow, thanks, kdo! My hubby's going to be so happy to hear that compliment! And, yes, for me I miss the shopping like crazy! Lately, I've been going on the auction sites just to look, then I'd find something I really really want, then realization sets in... banned for a awhile.Blah! I did however find a MAC I'd been searching for for awhile. Really excited about that one!

    Zip MAB in Purple Haze sounds amazing!!
  9. Crazy, it's so great to see you're well, and looking very happy in your pics. The countryside looks so beautiful and your surroundings too - I just love that sunflower pic your DH took. Summer in France looks so dreamy! I was also wondering what would happen to your pets and am glad to hear you were able to bring your friends along with you, although it would've been a long flight. Wishing you the best of luck for getting the tax back for your violin!
  10. I must have missed the updates while I was gone.

    This is beautiful!!!!!