* My OLD SCHOOL Collection Reveal*

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  1. STONEWASH MAM!!! Omg *drool*

    I love the color of stonewash blue...I'm in complete and utter JEALOUSY!!!
  2. ^^ those nikon pics are HOT!!! :drool:
  3. I adoooore the emerald Nikki!
  4. Thanks, EVERYONE! :heart:

    Scoobiesmomma - That is very sweet of you! :heart: It's the camera!!!!
  5. What an AMAZING collection old school bags -- it's perfection! I really just love the variety of your entire collection, C4H! I'm glad to hear that you're mostly done with the crazy packing. Soon you and DH will be off on your new exciting adventure! I cannot wait to hear all about it!
  6. Close to nothing?? now THAT is what i call a deal :biggrin:

    I did get a rebel recently! I do owe some pictues :shame:
  7. :faint: I love them all! That's the best photo of stonewash blue I've seen! It's in perfect condition! Love the Emerald (tried to get a MAM in this but no-go) Wine and Royal(?). Gorgeous!
  8. Thanks, kdo, Desi, lpritchett. :heart::hugs::smooch:
  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous collection! I love them all, but the white BBW MAM is spectacular!

    Have a wonderful year!
  10. WOW WOW WOW....love old school RM, and your collection is perfection!!!

    I am so drooling over that stonewash blue......goodnessgraciousness.....
  11. Thanks, ladies! :heart: We're getting settled into our rental home and finally got internet today!! Man, was I going through MAJOR TPF withdrawal. Aside from missing my family and friends, everything is well, except we got charged a very large amount of money for bringing my violin to France. Import taxes nearly made us broke. We're appealing this thing b/c it is preposterous to tax non-residents and those with one year visas. HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!

    Here are a couple of pics of moi & WBW MAB at Château de Fontainebleau: *note: this is not where we are staying! LoL

  12. Here is our little rental house. It's what used to be a guardian/ gate keeper's house to a château (second pic). Musicians and hubby's school mates live in the main house. But it's nice to be able to practice at 3am without waking the others.


    Our neighborhood: [​IMG]

    Nearby church:

    a Sunflower in a field of many sunflowers:

    Photos courtesy of my hubs.
  13. Beautiful pics. I'm so jealous, but thrilled that you are having such a wonderful experience. That sucks about the tax...doesn't make sense, but c'est la vie en France, je suppose. Keep sending updates and take care.
  14. Eekk.. It doesn't seem fair to tax you for a violin that is not new.

    Nice to see you rocking your White BBW in France! Let us know if you see any other RMs in France.

    I love the picture with the church!
  15. Oh I am so France-sick....lucky lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!