* My OLD SCHOOL Collection Reveal*

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  1. C4H, you have an amazing collection! Congrats on scoring your Stonewash Blue MAM! I have one too and it's definitely HG material. I'm so envious that you scored that Emerald Nikki. I was eying that one and I was wondering who scored that beauty! Congrats on an amazing collection and have a safe trip to France!
  2. *faints*:faint:
  3. ps. I was watching that emerald nikki too!!! beautiful!
  4. what a brilliant collection!
  5. Very very pretty! Good luck with the move!
  6. :faint: :faint: You have every staple RM color/bag!! PERFECT collection!! I can't wait to see your French adventures! You're going to think I'm horrible, but I took 6 years of French, was part of the student exchange program (in high school) and now only 5 years later, i have forgotten most of my french.. I am so bad!!!
  7. Borrowed my hubby's Nikon for these. I used AUTO mode b/c I have no idea how to use his camera. I think they're true to color.

  8. ^^Word to the Nikon! Great pics! :tender:
  9. Thanks again, L. :heart::hugs:
  10. Just a year! Thanks for your well wishes, kiwi! :heart:
  11. Wow, congrats on winning that BSW! It's beautiful! You've got a seriously gorgeous collection. :biggrin:
  12. Crazy4handbags, all of your bags are so beautiful!! You have a great collection of the older bags! Love them!

    Your photos are lovely too. The photos really capture the great color of the stonewash blue.

    Good luck with your move and congrats on all your gorgeous bags! :flowers:
  13. Thanks, everyone, for your lovely thoughts! Right now, my :heart: is full. It also feels good to be reunited with a Blue Stonewash MAM. I'm still HIGH from the elation....
  14. Your photos of Stonewash always made me :love:!
  15. Desi - The Nikon truly is amazing! I got it for my hubby during the Cashback era, sold his old camera, so I spent close to zero on it. I love sweet deals like that!

    Didn't you recently get an awesome camera? Now, where are your Darling reveals, lady?