Massaccesi Handbags

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  1. You guys are so patient (and helpful). I have only been reading the thread for 10 minutes and I am ready use the block button.
  2. The washed lamb is beautiful. Hopefully Marco will reopen one day. I saw on Facebook that he updated the phone number.
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  3. Lol.. yes, you are right ! But since it is Black Vachetta, and I can be playful at times with the lining, I will tend to go classical and perhaps a bit safe.
    So when I look into the bag my eyes will look at something calm.
    So my choises would be in no particular order: one of the greys, lilac, purple, cappucino or burgundy.
    I have almost all linings, and the fun bags go from the greens, orange, yellow, red etc.
    But with a classical bag my choises would be the first mentioned
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  4. I got all hopeful when I saw that update! Crossing fingers we get the opportunity to support his beautiful work again soon.
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  5. Dj, I am sure I responded, but might have forgotten to press reply.. lol
    In this case, I personally would go more classic, since it is last bag and black vachetta.
    Either go with what you use the most of the time or go with a classical and perhaps more safe colour:
    The greys, lilac and violet, or the burgundy and cappuccino.
    I believe I have almost all linings from orange to bright green and like them all!
    But being a bit boring as I would be with the Black vachetta, I would play safe!
    But this is just me.. mostly with fun , but also classical

    Hw I mostly use silver, but the contrast could be soften a bit with light gunmetal...depending the lining
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  6. Lol, I did respond but it first showed now
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  7.’ll make your heart sing whenever you open your bag, that said Light Gold Hardware-the MIA is a sassy one, the gold & Fushia will lend it some more feminine sass
  8. Black nappa with yellow lining under natural light 2019-02-10 14.10.43.jpg
  9. And, just in case:smile:), with Light blue lining 2019-02-10 14.09.52.jpg
  10. Due to time I first now opened my box with the second batch of MM goodies!
    Orange, grey and black Tulipanos in Pompei, a Flora in Jet Black Verona and a Tan lamb in Victoria!! Initially one could imagine Orange Aquila and Tan lamb very alike but compared together .. not...Clearly the lamb will not be able to manage this pouring winterrain, but not many leathers will.. right now I’ m wearing one hard cookie through the hard ammount of rain , we have here, my faithful Veronas, this in brown (?) Cassandra..hw light gunmeta

  11. Oh Bon, you teaser, you! I thought we would see pictures of everything! Cassandra looks lovely, but we also want to see the others.
  12. Veronas are amazing in the rain - one of my very favorite leathers.
    Can't wait to see your new additions!
  13. OK where are the photos I am patiently waiting.:smile::smile: Maybe impatiently waiting:smile:
  14. Lol... it was so dark outside impossible to take pictures!! And I wanted to show a well used bag
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  15. The yellow would look nice, but you’ve mentioned more than once that you would always think of a bumblebee. And, it doesn’t sound like bumblebees are endearing to you. :-s

    My black vacchetta Mia in red lining and dark gunmetal hardware is elegant in a more traditional, classic way.

    On the other hand, lilac lining and light gunmetal hardware would be elegant also, but in a more feminine, subdued way in an unexpected lining/hardware color combination.
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