Massaccesi Handbags

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  1. This leather is scrumptious.
  2. Agree... this leather is beautiful! This is Cassandra? I don’t see Cassandra??
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  3. Yes, it is the Cassandra lol !
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  4. My yellow lining is no where near that bright... it is more gold and subtle.
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  5. IMG_0934.JPG an all time favorite back in rotation. Dark blue Africa Selene midi with silver hardware.
  6. I have this also, but with pale gold hardware and a marine lining. I love this bag!

  7. Love both of these!
    Blue Africa really was an incredible leather.
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  8. I have one three!!! SIlver HW, silver linng. I have not carried it in a while but will. It is the only bag I have that strangers comment on because the leather is so unique.
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  9. I discovered MM just before Africa was gone. I have a Juliet in blue Africa but nothing else. Wish I could have ordered more.
  10. I traveled again with Siena that I got during the Sauro tan bespoke and I really hope some ladies got this bag as a part of their last last last last order. It is the best travel bag - it sure gets heavy when fully loaded, but the sheer amount of stuff it can fit while still staying organized AND the luggage sleeve option truly make it an incredible travel companion. Even a fellow passenger on my flight was impressed :smile:.
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  11. Wearing dark cherry nappa Penelope with dark gunmetal HW
  12. You were so creative with your Siena.
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  13. Stunning bag with that zipper! :heart::biggrin:
  14. You are welcome :biggrin: In a couple of weeks I will be able to post pix of my first order, very excited to receive my bags! But in the meantime it is such fun looking at all the reveals on this thread :flowers:
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  15. many good choices. Bumblebee makes me laugh :biggrin: I do agree with your daughter lol. With that bag and leather, my 2 cents is lilac...I think a lilac lining would be just looks so nice with black and it is a very unique choice...soft, girly, a pop of pretty inside your bag!
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