Massaccesi Handbags

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  1. I have noticed a new brand on FB ..

    The 'teaser' pictures show very promising new designs and the bags are handmade, and opening will be on August 25th!!

    I'm not that great on copying pics from FB, so better check for yourselves !!:biggrin:

    I'm looking so forward to see all the new designs and colours :graucho:

    There is a website, but nothing there yet till opening :
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  3. Their Divina tote looks great. If it comes in a lovely teal matte leather, I may just swoon!
  4. Looking forward to seeing what the designs are like--so excited to see an indie brand made in Italy!
  5. Thanks for posting this info, Bonnie! I still don't know how to post pictures over here.

    It's so good to see y'all together again!

    After seeing some of the teasing tidbits Marco has provided on his FB page, I think Massaccesi bags are going to be just gorgeous. Looks like he's going for a timeless sort of simplicity. The Davina bag is very simple, but I really like her form and the room she seems to have inside. (Yes, I still love huge bags.)

    Like you, Vandertulip, I hope Marco brings us a dark teal!
  6. and maybe they'll be a stud or spike or some other gold bits :smile:
  7. Marco Massaccesi used to work for Belen Echandia. Very excited about this :smile:

  8. True, but BE was not his only clients:smile:
  9. :woohoo:New exciting reveals on FB!
  10. The leathers look beyond delicious!

    And huge kudos to the artist renderings, they are seriously beautiful!

    I am very excited! The sun will come out tomorrow! :sunshine:
  11. Right. He's been making bags for Big Designers for years. He just isn't allowed to say who they are. And, of course, we already know he made the Belen Echandia bags.

    I was looking at a lot of my BE bags this past week, and I have to say... Marco sure knows what he's doing.

  12. Ahh, KatieFin, how well you know me! My eyes already zoomed in on those gold square bits on the straps of his bag called Minerva. Marco doesn't use much hardware, though. His bags look to be simple and clean.

    That's why the pocketbook gods made blingy purse charms.

  13. Love seeing a brand new brand at it's very beginnings!!! Very exciting!! Can't wait to see the full reveal tomorrow!!
  14. Omg so excited!
  15. I wonder if he will have a sale in honor of the 1st day ? :woot: