Massaccesi Handbags

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  1. Be still my heart. Oh how I wish I had known about MM earlier, this bag/leather is stunning! :heart::heart::heart:
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  2. What an amazing bag! Absolutely love it :heart::heart::heart:
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  3. I regret not getting a Phoebe in this leather. I not really into bling, but a small one would have been fabulous. Oh well...
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  4. Your modifications make Sienna the perfect travel bag.
  5. Love hearing these happy stories about how customs MM bags are so well suited to you all :hbeat:
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  6. Oh... I need to see that bag! Please..... [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
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  7. Me, too. I’m not into bling and taupe Africa is the most I can go regarding bag and bling. But every time I see blue Africa, I have to admit that it’s amazing and kinda regret not getting it when I had a chance.
  8. This my Angelica in pewter diamond leather. With modified flat handles. I like it as a work bag. I can stuff A4 sized paper inside.

    It's already maybe 6 mths old, not strictly new. Just wanted to share! 20190212_180224.jpg
  9. I love this bag. I am not into bling either but the Africa leathers especially the blue is an amazing leather. It is not too blingy and changes in the various light conditions. When the diamond leathers came out I decided they were far too blingy for me. But I traded a midi Soulmate for a diamond and pewter little Tulipano and I absolutely love it. The pewter diamond leather is a very subtle non blingy leather. Amazing!!
  10. It is lovely and still looks very new! I understand why you want to share this bag.. the leather is so hardy [emoji106]
  11. My lamb tan Victoria reg: and an orange beside it. All my bags are in a terrible disorder, so I could not really find the Orange I wanted to compare the two for you.. hw light gunmetal and lining cappucino. I dont know if you can catch the skin colour difference, but Marco placed the stripes beautifully [emoji1]
    The bag is very very light to carry, and def great for the summer. It is prone to a bit scuffing, but as I know lamb , it will get a gorgeous patina

    IMG_0630.JPG IMG_0629.JPG
  12. Today is a wonderfully sunny day, with a promise of spring in the air - the perfect day for arrival of my Phoebe, in turquoise nappa with white strap, and fuchsia lining. Makes me long for summer all the more :love: DSC_1412.JPG DSC_1411.JPG DSC_1408.JPG
  13. I have the Phoebe in turquoise too but strap in turquoise as well. True it is a lovely summery bag! Congrats!! And Summer is only few months away [emoji3]
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    Here you go, Vink.

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  15. I love Blue Africa. Very sorry I missed it. [emoji20]
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