Last-minute trip to Nuremberg(Germany): reveal!

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  1. What a great watch! Your husband will think of you every time he looks at it.
  2. wow! beautiful! congratulations
  3. May3545,pug*shoes,peggioka,matt-g,zrusky,boo1689,Lv-nowwhat,

  4. Dear Emma,I'm so happy you've enjoyed your trip in Nuremberg!Many many thanks to your lovely daughter for all pics,I always love your H report!
    This watch is simply beautiful!Congratulations!
  5. Thanks for sharing the photos - your DD is a great photographer! :nuts:
  6. Gorgeous watch for a gorgeous DH! H-O-T!:nuts:

    thank your DD again for taking all those pictures, she is a real sweetheart! I love the ring you ordered, it looks fantastic!

  7. [​IMG]


    That's a lovely gift...lucky DH..hehe:biggrin:
  8. sweet :smile:
  9. Congratulations to your Mr. Emma and Happy B'day!



  10. emma4646 Your DD did very well again! :tup:
    YOU are such a cute family and the pic in front of the store is frame-worth!!
    DH got a nice watch. Lucky guy
  11. Emma--You have a gorgeous family and the watch is masculine!! Hope DH enjoys it!!! Tell DD she's a fab photographer...and also, I scream and run in the H stores as well with my two little ones grabbing everything. It is sooo scary!!!
  12. thxs for sharing pics...

    love yr pourchase
  13. Emma glad you had a succesfull trip, your DH watch is lovely he must be over the moon with his gift, DD pics are as always wonderfull maybe she will be a professional photographer one day, enjoy your ring when it arrives
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    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    Anilouann:Merci ma belle!:flowers:

    ::hugs::winkiss: Thank you!

    DH really likes this watch because it's sporty-looking rather than conservative.The sharkskin bracelet is quite original too.

    Rileygirl:I so understand what you have to go through...that's why I do mostly all my shopping on the web except for H.
  15. Ladyjane963,Lovely64:I hope the silver ring order won't take too much will allow us to go back to Nuremberg for another weekend! The Playmobil Amusement Park is a gem!