Last-minute trip to Nuremberg(Germany): reveal!

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  1. It should be visible now...

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  2. A watch, that box was bigger than I thought :smile:
  3. I wanted to get DH a watch for his birthday at the end of the month and saw this sporty number! This is his early b'day gift!

    Sorry for the quickie reveal but as usual...I need to get to bed. DS wakes up around 4:40-5AM!:nuts:

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  4. This is DH's funny shot. He can never be serious!

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  5. :tup:

    I love Hermès watches. Great purchase!
  6. Lovely, thanks for sharing!
  7. Ohhh Sweeeeet...................
    Love it! He will too I am sure. What a good DW you are!
    Anything for you?
    Nuremburg is a beautiful old city! Love their Christmas market in Dec.
  8. By the way,DH recently got the blue H polo tee which can be seen on the mannequin wearing white jeans/pants: post #8. He really likes the texture of the polo tee so I'll get him some more.

    Lilyhermes,Miss_white_lily,Ladyhermes,cecicat,knapsu:Thank you for following this express reveal with me!:hugs:
  9. Tankertoad:Thank you.;)
  10. TankerToad:Thank you.;)
  11. Great watch and a great family, emma. But nothing for yourself?
  12. Lilyhermes,TankerToad:Nothing this time except for the ring order...but my birthday is coming up soon.:idea:
  13. Beautiful :smile:
  14. Love your pics as always! :flowers: Thank you DD for them! :biggrin:
  15. Salute to your DD for the pics! What a lovely family!