Last-minute trip to Nuremberg(Germany): reveal!

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  1. What a lovely gift! Wear the watch in best health! You have a wonderful and beautiful family, emma.:heart:
  2. Marni::ty:
  3. Emma, DH looks very happy with his birthday watch... what a good wife you are! ;)
    Nuremburg is a beautiful old city and miss the pretzels...
  4. Gina123:Thank you!:flowers:I ate a lot of speciality sausages while in Nuremberg.
  5. Beautiful! What a special gift! And I always love your pictures emma4646! :tup:
  6. Diamonds::ty:
  7. Emma, you have a beautiful family! please thank your DD for her great pics. It was
    a travelog and an H shopping experience together. Your DH has a fabulous watch.
    Can't wait to see what you get for your birthday!
    Always enjoy seeing your wonderful travel pictures.
  8. Dear sweet emma, sorry to be so late for this. Fabulous watch for DH, how very sweet of you! It sounds as though the whole emma clan had a great time..thanks for sharing the lovely pics :flowers:
  9. Pamella,MAI TAI:
    Thank you ladies! :smooch::flowers: