Last-minute trip to Nuremberg(Germany): reveal!

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  1. That Peuple du Vent coin tray in the upper left of the second picture is so pretty. I need to pick it up! Thanks for all the pix! :smile:
  2. very pretty. Nice photos too!
  3. [​IMG]

    DH and DS look so cool together~~~ And I love all the H photos your sweet DD took!! She's got lots of potentials!! Love the watch and you are such a wonderful DW!! Can't wait to see what you get for your b-day!!
  4. Looks like a fun outing. Thank your Daughter for the pictures.
  5. Oh emma, you and your family are certainly getting around! I'm jealous.

    Great pictures again by DD. She's on her way to becoming a great H spy! Congratulations on all your H purchases and I must say, that watch is really gorgeous! Happy Birthday to DH! ... Lucky guy.
  6. what a lovely gift!
  7. Once again your DD has surpassed herself with the spy pics!!! I love reading about your travels. DH is lucky to have you and his new watch!!! Thanks so much for sharing emma
  8. Great pix from DD - and what a handsome watch!!
  9. I love travel photos the best! Thanks to your DD for such great shots!
  10. Nice Photos. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  11. your DD sure has potential for photography........

    lovely watch, and u hv two cool dudes at homes!
  12. emma your travel reveals are always so fun to see. Your DD is really turning into quite the "undercover" photographer of all things H. I love the photo of your DH sporting his new watch and your DD - the look on his face is......okay Mom and more shopping!
  13. Emma, I was also just in the Nuremberg store last month! it is indeed a lovely city. Did you go to the park just outside of the old city?

    Thank you for sharing the photographs and bringing back some good memories (as I was offered a Birkin there but didn't get it because of the color!)
  14. Great watch and what a gorgeous DH you have Emma!

  15. What a sweet gift! Thanks for sharing those lovely pics!