Last-minute trip to Nuremberg(Germany): reveal!

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  1. Lovely photos emma! Hope you had a good holiday with your family in Germany with lots of feasting and shopping. Congrats on your new purchase for your DH. :smile: Well done!
  2. Awww,Emma!! I love your shopping trips with your DD!!! They always seem the most fun expiditions with your DD zooming about taking great pics!! Its so lovely she gets caught in the moment with you like that and you both have so much fun,she will treasure those memories forever!
    And the watch wow!!! Mr Emma is one lucky guy! And not only for the watch but for having a wife with great taste too! Congrats on your trip and your purchase they are both fantastic!
  3. Libradiamonds:Thank you lovely:girlsigh: mother of twins!

    Chaz:Thank you dear Chaz! DD is always bored so this kind of "forbidden" activity keeps her busy! DH deserves a little luxury gift once in a while...:graucho:
  4. Thanks for sharing the pics. It reminds me how much I miss Nrnbg....the SA's are lovely there. :smile:
  5. Axewoman:Thank you. ;)The Old Town of Nuremberg is pretty. The SA who served us was great!
  6. Love the watch and tell your DD she did great with the spy pics Emma!!
  7. CindyYZ:Thank you.:smooch:
  8. Always enjoying your threads so much!!!
  9. Thanks for sharing the pictures and what a lovely watch :smile:
  10. I had to leave and pick up my DH, in the middle of the reveal. Came back now to see the watch, fab!! :nuts:
  11. Mariacarla:Thank you!:smooch::flowers:


    Miss_White_lily: Thank you for coming back to see the Clipper watch.:winkiss:
  12. Very cool watch, it's gorgy and so is your DH :greengrin:
  13. Scholastican::ty:
  14. Great pictures of DD and DH! Love the new watch for your DH. How was the Playmobil Fun Park??
  15. Sus:Thank you.:winkiss:The Playmobil Amusement Park is a great place for kids of all ages.There's an indoor part(Playmobil heaven)and an outdoor part for more action. When the weather is warm,kids can come wearing swimsuits because the outdoor section has mini-pools/water games.