Just had to pull this over...A/W scarf designs!!

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  1. Wow! I really want to get "Les chevaux Qataris".. And I find "Chasse en Inde" a lively print- great to see new colors! Thank you for posting this! :tup:
  2. The dancing pearl is very pretty...

    My SA sent the photos to me coz she knows I like purple. Will be picking up the scarf later on...

    This is the aubergine/violet/rose vif CW

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  3. Bigger pic

  4. archangel - that is gorgeous and in my fave colourway.

    I don't really do scarves with people or animals on them (you can imagine how limiting this is) so this is perfect for me.

    Thanks for posting :flowers:
  5. no probs! I love purples too
  6. This is really pretty!
  7. :P ..the first pic is out, thanks. Love the contrast hem.

  8. Here is the Aux Portes Du Palais in Pink colorway

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  9. Stopped by the Boutique today. Both my SAs were out and somehow I got stuck with a newbie SA. She was very helpful but didn't know too much.

    Anyhow, I picked up an AW 70 cm, it's the En Descordre. I am in love with this colourway. It is a bit too hot to wear it but hopefully we'll get more rainy weather and I'll have a reason to wear her.

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    Wow, this one is so colorfull. Like a whole palette ..

    Rileygirl Any chance you will be able to show us some more pics? I would love to see the entire design
  11. ms piggy, Sorry my dear, but we were so rush, I totally forgot about them! I saw some but only 1 or 2 made me excited. Which is very lucky for me, I have too many scarves as it is.

    I bought the S/S 08 70x70 soliel scarf in the rose colourway.

    Deelove82, I saw the Brandebourgs too and I will get that. This is the one that I really like, the military uniform is so sexxxy. I was just not sure which colourway to get. There was a black and gold which is gorgeous but I already have 2 black and gold scarves so I passed.

    rileygirl, I like that scarf! I must go and see if my store has it.
  12. ^ Lyanna Any pics? ;)
  13. This is not my pic but it's the one that I bought. It's spring/summer 08 70x70 so you can get it in stores now if you like it. :smile:

  14. I was in my H-store yesterday and saw some of the new A/W scarfs:

    they had:

    Chasse En Inde in 3 colorways: orange/"turquoise", olive/greens, dark brown/pink (this one was really outstanding). this scarf is very beautiful, although I'm not (yet) into such detailed patterns. there will be a silk/cashmir version as well, apparently in a lovely bright pink colourway too...

    Dancing pearls in a rosy colorway. I was quite disappointed with this pattern.. But in the dark plume colorway archangel posted, it looks quite different.

    Re-issue of les Cles: they had a very dark prune colorway with orange details (lovely colorway. unusual for me but went home with me anyway as the male SA said that prune will be THE fashion color for A/W :graucho:) and a very dark brown one with details in silver and red (:heart::heart::heart: at first sight, went home with me too) :yes: Next week, they should also be getting a version in white (I'm on a ban, though :Push:smile:.

    I'm very curious about En Descordre, hope my store gets this pattern in very soon. rileygirl, did you see any other colorways?
  15. Mediana, this is the best I can do for tonight. I took with with the camera on my Mac Book. I'll try to take more tomorrow with my camera in sunlight. This was the only colourway in the Boutique. Brown and Black are my colors so this is like the perfect scarf!!!!

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