Just had to pull this over...A/W scarf designs!!

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  1. All beautiful, ladies. Has anyone seen pictures of new A/W GM shawls? I saw the one PoshHoney just revealed and am aching for more!
  2. Chocgrace, you and me both!! I have to have that grey one!!
  3. You look great with that scarf! I love how you tied it. I saw that scarf IRL last week and nearly got it. Now I wish I did...
  4. 1) Tout en Quilt by Cathy Latham in saffron, cassis, and vert colorway.

    2) Aux Portes des Palais by Christine Henry in anis, brique, vert jade

    Neither one of these scarves photographed nearly as subtly as they appear IRL. The green on the second isn't at all washed out, although it appears that way in the pics. The saffron is much less orange than it appears in the first scarf, too.

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  5. thanks GGA! I appreciate you posting that!

    I can't wait to see more and more!! I am holding off my purchases this year until I see most of the collection.

    I tell myself that every year...but then I can't wait...but this year I must! but its hard!
  6. Wow GGA, those are absolutely beautiful!!
  7. i love the quilt design. I hope it comes in many other colors. Can't wait for them to hit the stores. And thanks for sharing. :hugs:

  8. The Tout en Quilt by Cathy Latham in that saffron colourway is definitely on my list for A/W. It is gorgeous.
  9. I must have totally missed this one, can't remember seeing a picture . Anyone who has it and wants to share a picture?
  10. I saw one at NM last week. The background is solid black and the threads are gold and silver. It is very interesting - supposedly, the line of the thread is unbroken. It would be fun to spend the time to follow it! The scarf is VERY black - as in there is a lot of black.
  11. Sound very interesting .. must see it. Thanks for the info luvbolide
  12. Ooooh... I have not seen Au Fil De L'Inde. And it sure sounds interesting. I hope someone has a picture soon.
  13. ^ I found a picture of it .. someone bought it .. I'll see if I can find it again
  14. Help...so many beautiful designs!! I keep hinting to family re. my yearning for the gold/black Carre en Carres..a birthday, or if i can hang out long enough Chrissy present!!Thanks so much for posting !!
  15. Well this collection is for F/W 2008 and they are already out in stores last year. Do move fast to prevent disappointment.