Just had to pull this over...A/W scarf designs!!

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  1. Thanks for the information. :tup:

    Can't wait to see the new designs!
  2. I had word with my SA yesterday about this and she has been to Paris to order her store's lot of that season's collection. She tells me that the collection is very 'strong' which means strong designs and eye-popping colours - just what I like! There was some astonishment that they had done yet another recolouration of 'chasse en inde' but great praise for the forthcoming design with an elephant.
  3. Chasse en Inde is one of my favorite designs ever -- keep the colors coming!!
  4. Oh, this is excellent news! This is what I like too.
  5. I am looking forward to seeing Fantaisie Pittoresque by Francoise Houtin IRL. The description of "overgrown gardens, like ancient ruins" sounds lush and lovely. This sounds like the type of scarf that I'll want in more than one colorway. Can't wait!
  6. went into my store today..

    Beloved India by Philippe Dumas- shows a wall painting illustration of an elephant You guys will be so surprised at this one…the trunk is down…I know that was discussed about things here and there is basically a big elephant with people riding it….and its not a nice tight drawings…it looks like a rough sketch almost…with children coloring looking. Meaning remember when you used a marker…and you colored the area over again..that area would get really saturated and the others that you didn’t mark over again…were not as dark..it looked like that…like a really talented child drew and colored the scarf with magic marker. My store had 6 colorways…they might be getting 1-2 more. The colors are really bright and fun…very color but the design not very classic Hermes.
    Coupons Indiens by Aline Honoré- close-up of various Indian fabrics as if they were on display at a marketplace. This is not in but I can’t wait. Basically imagine several different fabrics just laid across the scarf. I think it will fold nicely.
    Au Fil De L'Inde by D. Rybaltchenko- Design made up of only two threads which create a desert landscape This isn’t in yet but the little picture I saw was like a cream background and red lines only…almost finesse. It has a lady sitting on the right hand bottom of the scarf…and almost rolling dessert hills in the background and at the top middle…something like a palace or something.
    Aux Portes Du Palais
    by Christine Henry - shows elaborate and decorative doors My store had the orange colorway and a few others I think…a nice burgundy with pinks, etc. I am waiting for all the colorways to come in of this. Its just really lovely…folds well. See the folder for AW 08 pics to see it.
    Offrandes D'Un Jour by D. Rybaltchenko - arial view of flora landscaping This one looks neat to me. its going to be really colorful and tie well.
    Tout En Quilt by Cathy Latham - patchwork design with exquisite detailing of Indian miniatures This was in..I saw it in a baby pink, avocado green, and a saffron yellow. Basically the entire scarf is boxes…and inside the boxes different pictures. I think its lovely…to me this scarf will tie really well..you just have to find colors that work for you.
    Dancing Pearls by Virginie Jamin - An explosion of pearls! This is not in…but basically imagine a balled up area of pearls at the bottom left corner…and then strands of pearls just “shooting” out in curves all over the scarf.
    Les Chevaux Qataris by Hubert de Watrigant - shows arabian horses from Qatar Basically just horses….on the scarf. They are like in sets of 2-3 horses just methodically placed on the scarf. Its not in yet.
    Carre en Carres - 5 Vertical strips of different Hermes scarf patterns spliced together This has been done but just basically 4 sections of different scarves put together.
    Attrape Tes Reves by Leigh Cooke- Large Hermes logo in the center with ribbons This isn’t in but my SA called it the dream catcher. The Hermes with a circle logo is off center…and kinda made to have the left section seem father back than the right side of the circle…almost 3D…and there are just colored ribbon looking things coming out of it….
    Fantaisie Pittoresque by Francoise Houtin - Overgrown gardens, like ancient ruins If this is the one I think…it looks really interesting.
    De Passage A Moscou by Nathalie Vialars - Arial view of Moscow This is not like a typically Passage scarf…it will be like an oil painting I think.

    There will also be 5 recolorations
    -Chasse En Inde my store had an olive green that was lovely….and a pink and maybe something else
    This is coming in a GM shaw…I saw the hot pink, blue and orange. I have the orange shawl on hold.
    -Aux Pays Des Espice my store got brown with red in
    -Les Cles a few colors came in including a deep deep plum color that is lovely
    -La Rosee

    70cm scarves in Soie Vintage with come in 6 designs
    -Tigre Royal
    -Les Coupes
    -Perspective II
    -Chaines Et Gourmettes
    -En Disordre
  7. Thank you for posting this.
  8. Oh you are the best Guccigal!!!!! Just the best!!!! Thank you so much for posting this and sharing with us!!!!! I just can't wait to see them!!!! Thank you so much again!!!!!!!
  9. Thank You GG!!!!! Too Many On My List Already:nuts:
  10. Thank you so much for posting this guccigal! I'm excited to find out all I can about the new scarves.
  11. GG, thanks for all the details. I really appreciate it!
  12. REALLY looking forward to Fantaisie Pittoresque since I love ancient ruins......
  13. Thank you GG! I'm looking forward to Fantaisie Pittoresque and Offrandes D'Un Jour.

    The dancing pearls sound good but I hope it won't end up like the golf balls scarf which is not attractive to me.
  14. guccigal07 - Thanks for posting!! :tup::tup:
  15. its more artistic and swirly....so I think it will be pretty.