Just had to pull this over...A/W scarf designs!!

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  1. oh GG thanks for all these detailed info and your take on them.

    oh LS you love floral garden types yeah?

    i would love to see De Passage A moscow & Au Fil De L'Inde & the dream catcher ones... just something different from my scarves...
  2. I've seen just a small photo of Passage a Moscou and, as GG noted, it looks more like a painting than the other Passage scarves. The Moscow River runs through the center and either part of the Kremlin or some sort of onion dome on one side. I only had a super-quick glimpse and can't wait to see it IRL. One of the SAs mentioned that it was intended to be the Christmas themed scarf this year, but I don't know if that is true or not. Can't wait to get down to the boutique and see what they have!
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    Yep gem I love the garden flower bird themes. :P

    Finally got my booty down to the store today.

    Let me add on to GG's description.

    "Dancing Pearls by Virginie Jamin - An explosion of pearls! This is not in…but basically imagine a balled up area of pearls at the bottom left corner…and then strands of pearls just “shooting” out in curves all over the scarf."

    There are no pearls at all. The layout is as GG said. These are actually beads used in handicraft. Or they could be pearls coloured to look like beads, heh. Anyway they are not the glowing white things that I imagined. It is a pretty scarf, but the subject's only similarity to pearls is that they are round and they are strung together.

    "Carre en Carres - 5 Vertical strips of different Hermes scarf patterns spliced together This has been done but just basically 4 sections of different scarves put together. "

    It is actually a few different older scarves spliced together, in various vertical colums. The first part is 4 vertical squares with a horse in each of them. The 2nd part is a tiger, which I think is Tigre Royale. The last part is the American Red indian guy in the 07 F/W 70x70 scarf. I could have missed out 1 or 2 more which I didn't recognise. Add: And there is Brides De Gala also.

    Tout En Quilt - This one is simply lovely for those who like these type of patchwork designs. One of the must-haves.

    Les Chevaux Qataris - There are 4 horses heads arranged in a geometric fluid pattern. They fit together like 2 shoes in the shoebox. (Sorry, my description kinda suck. :P) The colouring is very simple, with 2 strong colours and grey. It reminds me of the last season 70x70 scarf that is geometric pattern, very fluid, with strong colours. (Not the OP H, the other one.)

    "Attrape Tes Reves by Leigh Cooke- Large Hermes logo in the center with ribbons"

    This the obligatory scarf they put out each season featuring the Hermes logo. This one is unusual in that the H logo is muted to a light grey while the rest of the pattern stand out more.

    Beloved India - Really look like a child's drawing. Cute. Very colourful.

    Chasse En Inde - Very similar style to the Carre Kantha. Lovely. This would look great in the GM shawl.

    Les Cles - The colourings I saw were very strong. Bright fuschia, strong blue, etc.
  4. :goodpost: :yes:
  5. What I want to know is, which one went home with you? :graucho:

    You didn't tell me the new scarves were in? :nuts:

  6. Thanks for the additional infor, GG and LS! Can't wait! :happydance:
  7. LyannaS, the Dancing Pearls turned out to be a disappointment. When you look at how elaborate the others are, it's quite Blah.
  8. I love the Chasse En Inde. I saw it in the Orange and Vert Olive cw. It's the Blue that I like.
  9. THe new scarves are already hitting the stores. I saw some of them today. The "Brandebourgs" (in a gorgeous purple CW), the one with the different Indian fabrics and a couple of others.
  10. Any photo's yet? :drool:
  11. Thank you GG and Lyanna.
    My local store only received the reissues so far.
    I am dying to see pics of all the new designs!
  12. Guccigal Thanks for the update
  13. Great updates. Does anyone know what the Christmas scarf will be this year?
  14. Saw the Chasse en Inde today in a lovely light blue/lavender CW and a green CW. The Tout en Quilt is very pretty. My mother got it in a light blue CW.
    I also saw a new design called Fantasies Pitoresques. It shows a landscape.
    And one called Paprikas or something. I didn't like that one too much, don't like vegetables on my scarves...
    My mother also got the "Brandebourgs" 70x70 in a stunning purple CW. It's a uniform jacket with rope embellishments. It has two different shades of purple, a pinkish color on the ropes near the hem and a a bluish-green around the jacket.
    I'll try to take a picture when I visit my mother the next time...
  15. Thank you for the update - did they have the Brandebourgs by any chance in other CWs too? Would love to see a pic of the one yout mother purchased...
    The Paprika one is called 'Aux pays d'epice' and it is a reissue.