Just had to pull this over...A/W scarf designs!!

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  1. ^^Ooo please post the prune one. I need a purple scarf.
  2. Rileygirl Perfect, thank you :flowers:

    (I forget some of you are still up. Here it's 10 AM and I have been at work for 5 hours)

    Yes butterfly, please post pics. I'm dying here
  3. ^^^It's 10:00 PM my time, we're a half day behind ya!!!
  4. rileygirl, thank you! That's lovely. I wonder what picture the parts will make up if we cut it up and assemble it. Hah. I think I want this too!
  5. Brides de gala

  6. ^^Yes, it is a Brides de Gala. It reminds me of those puzzles that you push the little pieces around until you get the correct picture. It was the first one I was drawn to today and it really my style. Very excited...only thing it's like 90 degrees where I live. lol
  7. ^ Oh great Brides de Gala!

    It's worse for me, it's summer all round here and I'm buying scarves right and left.
  8. .. be glad. I still were my cashmere shawls since it was 44 degrees here this morning
  9. will do later, as I cant' find the camara device for uploading the pix onto my pc :shame:
  10. Butterfly We will be patiently waiting..:tup:
  11. #86 May 25, 2008
    Last edited: May 25, 2008
    archangel, thanks for posting - very pretty!
    vinylus, it's a treat so see yet another colorway of the fabulous doors.
  12. Ummm...I live on a tropical island with no seasons, lol!!!
  13. MaiTai, mine is a 70 cm silk. I would have loved cotton though!
  14. Sorry rileygirl, you picked my mistake up before I was able to delete it!
    It's lovely in silk, looking forward to action pics! :heart:
  15. ^^^Trying to find something to wear with it as we speak. I do wish I had this in cotton though, it would make life much easier! lol