Is it still worth getting the Neverfull in 2020?

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  1. If I like something, I get it. I don’t care if it’s in style or not and I don’t care if 10000 people have it either.
  2. Definately. I have the MM in the Monogram and the DE and love them both. I don't think you could ever go wrong with a NF. Great for everyday and travel. They are a staple I think in a LV collection as is a Speedy I think. You won't regret it.:flowers::heart:
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  3. Hi I am looking for a new bag and have my eyes on Neverfull DA mm. Live in Sweden and my thoughts are is the bag to light in Sweden? Yes we have dark months from late October to beginning of March. I want to have a lighter bag in my collection. I have LV monogram Delightful, lv Alma Pm Damier ebene, lv Pochette metis in reverse. Want to buy also speedy b. To have in my collection. But back to my thoughts about Neverfull. Is it stupid to buy a light one or should I buy a damier ebene in NF? Is it sensitive on the canvas?
    Have a wonderful day everyone
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  4. I bought my NF MM mono about 2 weeks ago and having been sunning it. I plan to spray the vachetta with Apple Guard this weekend. IDC who has it or if it’s everywhere, it’s a beautiful and functional bag and I love it because it’s mine. Get a bag that makes your heart happy to have it.
  5. As so many here are saying, if you love it go for it!!! I own the lilac Giant Monogram NF from last year’s summer collection, and I ordered a mon monogram NF with mono canvas, red interior and black leather straps and one Shiba dog sticker last year too. These two are my go to work/ workhorse totes, and I LOVE them both! They are spacious, lightweight, clean easy, and because I have a short driving commute and am not worried about stuff falling out with no zipper, they truly are my favorite totes. Love the d ring inside for my mono key pouch and the inside zip pocket and flat pouch. I also ordered a D&C insert so they are perfectly organized too. Even the thinner straps work better on my shoulder, or for hand carry. Go for what you love and keep us posted! I’m thrilled I bought both and plan to use them for years to come.
  6. I love mine. I think the neverfull is my favorite in my collection. I have 2. I dont care that " everyone has it" i buy what works for me and what im going to use. and the neverfull definitely gets a lot of use!
  7. Yes, exactly! Be happy with whatever You choose :flowers:
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  8. I don’t know if you’re still deciding or have already made up your mind, but it’s always good to have a practical, durable tote. I’ve owned many tote bags over the years, but the NF is the only one I’ve kept. It’s lightweight but not flimsy, and it’s indestructible. I used to carry mine to work everyday with my lunch and a change of shoes; it later doubled occasionally as a diaper bag (using an organizer, of course); and now I use it whenever I travel. I’ve had it for about 8 years now, and it still looks almost brand new (mine is a monogram MM). It’s a classic for a reason. I like that you can change the shape by cinching the sides (I do that often, but don’t store it that way or the canvas might crease), and the removable pochette that comes with it is great - helps keep the bag organized and can be removed and used on its own as a wristlet or in another bag (I often just grab it and carry it alone while I’m out running errands).
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  9. Hi Everyone,
    I just posted a video on my new channel about why I think the Neverfull it's still a great back.
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  12. That lady is crazy! She says any LV monogram is not "elegant" lol
  13. Yeah don't let her influence you. I'll just leave it at that ;)
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  14. I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds, the whole channel is so...shallow.
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  15. I have a mom monogram NF MM and I love it. It’s so functional and classic. I feel like it’s a timeless bag. It is kind of annoying to see it on so many people but not enough to keep me from buying it. Plus the mon monogram makes mine unique :smile:
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