Is it still worth getting the Neverfull in 2020?

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  1. Yes, it's such a useful bag. I can carry my 13" laptop, gym things, and after work I can even put some groceries in it. What I like about it is that it's weight tested. I read that the GM is tested to carry up to 200lbs, so I don't worry about the handles breaking or whatever. You could put a grown man in there and carry him around.

    I've lived in a few different large cities and many women carry it, but that doesn't make it feel less fabulous to me. I still feel fabulous with it!

    You could look at the ubiquity of it in a different way: so many women are using it for a very good reason, it's a great bag!

    If the cost seems a little high for a bag you're not too sure you'll like, you can always look on the preloved market.
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  2. School of Affluence... How pretentious

    Anyways, I do feel like the NF will never quite go out of style and is still completely worth it in 2020 because it is such a classic and useful bag. I have two NF. One is the MM in Monogram and the second is GM in DE. Love both equally and use them both on a regular basis and for different purposes.
  3. I have the NF DE and Mono because “I” love both, and had the Trevi GM DE, Cabas Mezzo DE, and I’ve never had any issues. Just because some have had issues with a bag doesn’t mean that you will. Again, it sounds like you’re making your decision by allowing what others say about issues change your mind. Get the pattern (Mono or DE) that YOU love and will be happy with!
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  4. True :smile: I'm susceptible to impulse purchases so now I kinda compensate it by planning my big purchases, including reading reviews, learning all that I can about it, etc because I don't want to regret such a big spend. I like to decide beforehand because when faced with decisions like this, sometimes my solution is just to get both, which is not very economically sound at least right now :biggrin:

    But as some of you has pointed out, I can always sell it later on, so... I think I'll just bite the bullet when I actually see the bags!
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  5. It’s the lightest, most classic, practical and durable tote on earth.
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  6. The Neverfull was my first LV - I have the MM in DE with the red lining and over 7 years later, i still LoVe it. It goes with almost everything and still looks great. I have added a favorite, speedyB and a graceful to my, small, collection, but I still reach for the NF the most!
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  7. I think the NF is a classic because it’s durable, lightweight and a practical choice; so even if it is kind of “oversaturated” in public consciousness it can still be a good buy. I wouldn’t care about what someone else thinks about its perceived classiness or lack thereof - all that matters to me is what I think of it!

    Purely personally though, I’m not really a fan of the neverfull; but I wouldn’t judge someone else who has it! One of the major reasons I don’t like the bag is the lack of zip, I like zippable totes (Iena is a good choice for this, btw).
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  8. I'm gonna have to look up this school of affluence person. I'm risking YT flooding me with similar junk. Things I do for tpf...
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  9. :lol:
    I resisted searching for this youtuber, though I was curious:giggle:
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  10. I have my Damier Neverfull mm for ten years and use it everyday to work, I can put everything in it as I am running out the door in the morning, including a piece of toast in the morning. I replace the strap a month ago and it looks brand new again. I love this bag. The canvas is so durable, No scratches at all of 10 yrs usage as this is a bag I don’t need to baby as my Chanel boy or Lv limited edition pieces.
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  11. Yep
  12. I just bought my first neverfull! I have a few other LV bags but I just really wanted a classic tote bag and actually purchased the DA Propriano, took it home and regretted it. I took it back the next day and got the DA mm with rose ballerine lining and I LoVE it. Yes lots of people have it but soooooo what. I watched that YouTube and lol —she’s a little out of touch. With the exchange I also got a super adorable Rosalie coin purse Adjustments.JPG

    I took the propriano home first but it was $600 more and I thought it looked too mature and I dress super casual 95% of the time...

    The mm was the perfect size and style for me and I see them everywhere but who cares
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  13. Jumping in a little late, but..

    I have owned two Neverfull bags in the MM size-- although I definitely see others with the bag whenever I carry mine, that doesn't overshadow its utility and versatility! Neverfulls match absolutely everything, are great for travel/work, fit anything you may want to carry, are SO lightweight and comfy, and at this point have become quite classic. Even as they become increasingly common, I think I will always own one. :smile:

    If you're concerned about the classiness/saturation, maybe consider the epi version? The black epi is on my list for when I wear out my canvas one, and I've only ever seen 1-2 "in the wild" over many years!

    Best wishes! xx
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  14. You buy the bag if there is a need for it and not based on trends and how many people are carrying it.
    I bought mine last month because I needed a carefree tote and it was missing from my collection. I already had 2 Chanel bags, 2 LV bags and 1 Hermes bag before this and LV neverfull was not my starter bag.
  15. It’s a classic. Trust me if you don’t get it now, you will get it eventually lol. I got the NF MM as my first LV and use it all the time. Just got a NF PM because I found I reach for Neverfull the most. You don’t think twice about how to match your outfit using the tote like you would with other purses. So it’s a easy ‘ go to bag’ for me for school and work.
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