Is goyard st louis worth the money?

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  1. I have a St. Louis pm for over 10 years, so worth the price. Quality is very study, and love to wear my white one in the summer. The surface gives me that cool feeling!
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  2. I have 2 Neverfull mm which I love, because it's lightweight and you can carry so much! But I prefer my GM St. Louis because it's even more lightweight and carries more than the neverfull. And also the St. Louis is more comfortable to wear. The strap is very soft and comfy and the bag is kind of squishy, which allows me to tuck in the sides so it won't look so big. I have the SL for 3 months so far and use it as a diaper bag and it's still in perfect condition.
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  3. Are the quality of these totes still a disaster? Hoping they improve them bc I love the look of the bag : /
  4. I've had mine for almost a year, carrying it today to work in fact! I haven't had any cracked handle or corner wear through issues. And the Goyard SA was nice enough to give me a replacement dust bag when I went back into the store since I wore mine out & must have left it behind on the counter.

    I also have a NF and love it too, especially for the pool, park and with my doggie, but the St Louis is so much lighter and easily packable for travel. I travel regularly enough for work to have status and points (ha) & frequently fold up my Goyard inside an overhead bag. I also use it frequently for work but never take my NF which is a little more loud with the mono print. It does feel like the canvas is lighter and more delicate than the LV which feels thicker and more rugged but I've used my St Louis frequently this year carrying things like files/laptop/etc & haven't had any problems whatsoever. Plus it makes me happy every time I see it, Goyard print is just so much fun :heart:
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  5. if you enjoy using it, then it is worth it!
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  6. I love my St.Louis totes.I use mine almost every day as a superstrong grocery bag.It shows minor wear and I literally fill it up with milk and juicecans and take it on my bike.It's also a great beachbag and travel bag .I just received my second and personalized St Louis GM.I prefer the GM over my PM because I like to wear it as a shoulder bag.
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  7. I have 2 LV NFs in the GM size and 1 St Louis GM. I love the St Louis print and the fact that you do not see them absolutely everywhere like the NF. On the other hand, as far as quality and durability the NF wins hands down, no doubt about it. The St Louis is beautiful but it is a delicate bag. It will show wear relatively quickly if used often and packed heavily. If you baby it and avoid rubbing or banging the corners then the wear and tear can be minimized.
  8. I just got my Goyard tote - I think it's well made, but I'm also in the "Louis Vuitton is indestructible" camp. My dad always says my LV stuff will outlive us all, and I totally agree LOL. My day-to-day Louis Vuitton accessories get a workout to say the least, and they hold up amazingly well...speaking specifically to the neverfull vs st louis, the neverfull to me is more durable...but I feel it's a heavy bag before I even put anything in it. The St. Louis is lighter and more malleable.

    I actually just got my tote Monday and to be honest, I did feel like it was kind of cheap when I first opened it. I was disappointed for about a day then I started using it and LOVING it. Price was also about $500 cheaper than the neverfull me with dollar exchanges/VAT refund, too.
  9. I totally agree with you.

    Whenever i carry my St Louis, I am in constant fear that I may accidentally twist the handles or rub the corner. Yet, it is so light and stunning look that I love it aesthetically.
  10. Yes, wouldn't have bought a GM one week ago if I didn't think my PM wasn't worth it. Love them!
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  11. What was the price for this?
  12. Have you had any issues with cracking? Can you share photos if so? I bought mine three months ago and the corner of every handle is cracking. I am so disappointed.
  13. This was my experience. Bag cracked and developed a hole in the corner a few months after owning it. I baby my bags and most of my bags still look brand new.

    Goyard stitched leather corners on mine, which helped. I started taking the handles to a cobbler for repair so I don't have to wait months for my bag back.
  14. That's ridiculous that the same has happened to you. Have you thought about complaining through consumer protection agencies?
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