Is goyard st louis worth the money?

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  1. Corners look like they did when they were bought. My black gm has been in constant use for 4 years. I use it for work and travel. I am an attorney. I routinely carry files, a wallet, senate mm with iPad, senate pm as my cosmetic bag, Ulysses gm and various other stuff from yoga clothes to my laptop. Same with my red mm and black mm. The red was the first purchase. It is also heavily used and the only wear it is showing is in one small space along my personalized stripes. I have yellow, grey, green and navy in addition to those already mentioned. All personalized except the yellow. The yellow gm is the newest and it was purchased two summers ago.
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  2. Hello fellow attorney! Thanks for sharing. I bought mine last year so perhaps I have a dud or perhaps the newer ones are not as good as he old ones; however, it seems that there are lots of duds based on what people are saying in this thread, unfortunately, and what I've seen on youtube. I have also had sales associates inform me that these bags typically crack on the handles (of course this would have been good to know before purchasing the tote) and that the only one that doesn't crack is the Voltaire. Mine is a gm Black and Tan. I have not used it for work as I was told these bags are very delicate and did not want to risk tearing the bag with heavy files etc. I think because there has been so much inconsistency with the wear on this bag, this will likely be my last purchase which is sad because they are beautiful bags.
  3. I live in the north and have a black/black St Louis PM and sky blue Bellechasse that I use in the summer. I just received a navy Sac Hardy and wondering if I should start using it now in the midst of the cold and snow. Do people use Goyard bags for daily use in the winter? Or, due to the fact that they are made of canvas, should they be reserved for warmer weather. My concern is not the impact of the elements on the bag but whether it looks appropriate to carry a canvas bag in the winter months. Thoughts?
  4. Has anyone reinforced their St Louis with the leather corners they offer? I bought my first one yesterday (yellow GM) and asked the SA (someone from corporate, if that means anything) specifically about corners wearing (after my experience with Longchamp). She said they do eventually wear, and at that point you can have leather corners put on (in the same color of course). She suggested using as is, never carrying anything as heavy as a laptop, and once I see wear, to get the corners. She said it cost $200+.
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  5. I wear mine all year! I don't take into account the canvas, but I care more about color. Since my St. Louis is black I think it goes nicely with my fall/winter outfits. Then again, I also wear it in spring/summer so I don't seem to mind too much either way lol!
  6. I have the corners. TBH, the leather they use on them is too delicate too. If Goyard does a repair for you, it takes forever. I now take my bag into a cobbler to have my corners polished (they get scuffed/scratched like crazy) and to fix the frayed stitching on the straps. Now my monogram is chipping off. I don't know what to do about that one.
  7. I posted this feedback on another thread for someone wanting to purchase the St. Louis. I wanted them to understand how it wears. I bought my tote two years ago. It has holes in each corner at the bottom and is now tearing below the handles. The exterior looks great but the holes and tears are not good. I have always been a big Chanel person and decided I wanted something new to use for travel. The St. Louis just hasn't held up. I don't overload the bag either. No laptop or anything heavy goes into the bag to weigh it down so I am very surprised the 4 corners have worn. I went to Bergdorfs last week and it will take 8 weeks and $300 to get leather patches put on each corner at the bottom of the bag. I have loved the bag but I wish I knew before purchasing how it would wear over time.
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  8. Mine has not worn well either and it's less than a year old. I will never buy another one and will not spend any more on a bag that you have to treat so delicately. I understand it's meant to be a beach bag but I've had beach bags that cost less than a 100 that have held up better than this Goyard! I love the print and the style but quality is more important to me.
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  9. I would like to add that although the early posters on this thread remarked on how rare Goyard was and how that was a major selling point…three years later I think the St Louis is as common as the Neverfull, at least in NYC. I saw as many St Louis as I did NFs, so I don't think that should be a consideration anymore.
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