Is goyard st louis worth the money?

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  1. Not really, though I would have been really flying on my broomstick if they insisted I pay for the repairs on a fairly new bag. I read on here a while ago that they now try to sell the leather corners as a $450 upcharge.

    I like the style of my monogram St. Louis PM but Goyard has the poorest quality of all of my bags. They really don't care and that's why my next similar bag will be Faure le Page. They use a much thicker canvas and the leather handles are stitched more securely like the LV Neverfull. I tell that my monogram is not going to last forever... My Goyard is becoming my beater bag since I will likely have to throw it away at some point. That wasn't my intention when I bought it in Paris.
  2. You're lucky you bought yours in Paris. I purchased mine in the states and paid more than I should have for the quality lol. I have looked at faure le page but the design was something that didn't totally agree with me. Although I know people who have the tote and love it. So far I have had no issues with my mono neverfull. I got rid of my ebene after the handles started wrinkling and showing signs that they would likely crack soon. I owned that one for three years before handing it off to my sister. I have yet to come across a sturdy open tote bag which is sad. I have been looking at BV recently and think their bags are beautiful but my one annoyance is many colors go drastically on sale and their bags have very little resale value. In fact on most resale sites they are final sale! If I buy BV I'm definitely not going to pay full price on one. I also looked at moynat; unfortunately, they no longer have their traditional neverfull style tote. And I have looked at the Hermes garden party but don't like that it's intended as a crook of the arm bag. I would be fine in the spring to fall months but with a heavy coat I don't think the bag would fit over my shoulder. I'm pretty annoyed about the Goyard. What kills me is when I called a couple other stores about the durability of other bags they told me that only a couple bags never crack lol.
  3. Oh yeah, when I first found out about Faure le Page I was like oooooooh...yeah *strikes Goyard St Louis off wishlist*

    I prefer a more structured look in general which FLP's Battle Totes have thanks to the leather corners, and I do also prefer their patterning. One of my purchases this year was going to be the Neverfull MM, but after finding out that the Battle Tote is €690 (as opposed to €945 for the Neverfull)...welll...

    My only concern at this point is the resale value! Also the fact that I would have to fly to Paris to buy the bag in person, which is not that far away for me, but still...
  4. I rarely sell my bags so I worry less about resale. I'm more concerned whether the bag will hold up and look nicer, longer. I carry my bags for years.
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  5. I'm fairly new to designer bags and fashion in general, so I'm still exploring and discovering my own style :biggrin: so in order to mitigate any i-will-regret-this-in-future purchases i always consider resale value. In your experience what has been your sturdiest, most durable bag so far?
  6. I really like FLP- Nice amount of structure and adjustable straps. It's a winner-
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  7. Would you say the handles of the Monogram Neverfull are sturdier than that of the Daimier Ebene? This is horrible news to me as I've always had the impression that the Neverfull was one of the most durable totes around!
  8. Yes I'd say so. If you get the ebene make sure you don't bend or twist the handles or put anything too heavy in the bag. I've had no issues with vachetta.
  9. I just got my PM for Christmas and the handles are already cracking. Absolutely not worth it to me for the price. I don't have time to be going in for repairs and such. If i'm spending over $1000 on a tote bag It should last. Meanwhile the longchamp that I bought 10 years ago has not a single crack on the handles, and I've babies that bag far less.
  10. Ugh I feel your pain. After owning mine for three months I noticed cracks on every handle and I had only used it on weekends and with nothing heavy in it. I was so mad! I contacted Goyard and they told me it was not the leather but the glazing and that it was normal. For my bag it was the leather and it is not normal when you're spending nearly 1600 on a bag. Additionally the sa who sold the bag to me told me that the handles no longer cracked because they had changed the leather to a pebbles leather. Lies. I sent my bag to Paris for review. I would contact Goyard asap. They will be difficult just so you're aware. Please keep us posted. If this is not taken care of to my satisfaction I plan to contact the state and federal consumer protection agencies and file a complaint.
  11. Oh no, I'm so vicariously disappointed by the stories in this thread! I've been planning to purchase a Saint Louis PM to replace my LV Neverfull, ironically, because the Neverfull's handles are fraying. TT
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  12. I have 3 St Louis bags and have had no issues with any of them
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  13. I have 7, two gm the rest mm. Different colors and not a problem with any of them. The oldest is 5 years old.
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  14. Can you share what the corners of the handles look like on your bags and how long you've had them and how often you've used them?
  15. Same question as above. It seems like everyone has had varying experiences and would like to know if it's based on when these bags were manufactured and also colors. Thanks!
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