Is goyard st louis worth the money?

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  1. Hey guys! Im normally a LV girl, but I'd like to change a bit.

    As I'm going to Europe next summer, I'm gonna save to buy a new purse and Dont know why but recently i've laid my eyes on goyard st louis bag, even though i still think it looks like a beach bag...

    I went to the store here in brazil and really loved the weight of the bag and the bordeaux color. it is as easy to carry as my neverfull is, but im debating whether to buy it or not, cause its not a very fancy bag if you know what i mean.

    What do you think? Is it worth the money? Ive seen topics saying the bag is not that durable so im a little afraid to spend such a big amount of money and regret it later!

    Do u think i should buy it??

    I also thought about a celine, another lv or a prada...

    Hope u can help!

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    I love Goyard, I really do. That was the reason I bought a Saint Louis. But I have regretted it ever since. In my opinion the quality is miserable, after several times of carrying it the corners got frayed. (and I baby my bags a lot)
    I have the feeling that the Saint Louis is mass produced and of bad quality. I do have the feeling that other Goyard bags are better quality, because they are not as popular as the Saint Louis. I'm not done with Goyard, but I am done with the Saint Louis. I just adore the amazing pattern and the gorgeous colors they offer.
    If I were you I would not purchase a Saint Louis, but maybe another style Goyard bag. I recommend one with reinforced corners. =)

    Good luck deciding! =)
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  3. Tnx, Mr Vuitton! Which one do u recommend?
  4. I'd recommend the Voltaire or marquises bags as a good alternative to the St. Louis. They're both totes but have some extra structure and reinforcement to them that help prevent the beach bag look you described. Though they're a bit pricier, I think they're a much better alternative to the at Louis in this situation
  5. I love love my St. Louis! It's great for travel bc it can fold up and be packed but also great as every day tote. I had mine for 2 years ad no quality issues. I actually just ordered another as I'm a mommy to be and I thnk it will be great for carrying stuff around.

    Good luck! I think the other brands you mention are great too but goyard is far less common....
  6. What colors do you have? I have a black on black that I love & am wanting another one for Spring in a cheery color. I love all of the colors & can't decide.
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  7. I agree, I love my St. Louis bags. I have had no issues with them, though I do rotate them with other bags and don't use them daily. I started with a sky blue PM and loved it so much that I then got a red and a black/tan PM - and just ordered a black/black GM! I find it to be a great bag for shopping and travel. For security, I use a zipped insert I ordered from Purse Bling. Perfect! I also favor other tote styles such as the Neverfull MM, but the Goyard is less ubiquitous. Even in a city like San Francisco, I rarely see anyone else carrying one. I also have a Marie Gallante black/tan, but find it to be too structured for daily casual use. Also, the zipper kind of annoys me.
  8. These two are the best options! =)
  9. Thank u all! I've sent an email to Goyard and they were veeeery helpful and lovely, I've really appreciated the assistance they give to the customers! Now I want a goyard so so baaad! Haha

  10. I have the wine color and just ordered black with tan trim. Obsessed.
  11. Honestly, my Goyard St Louis GM has been my absolute favorite bag. I'm obsessed with how it's big and fits everything, but slouches so it looks great on me (I'm 5'1). I just travelled with it and threw everything in it: laptop, magazines, blanket. This was the first time I travelled with an unzipped bag and I had worries about it too, but it ended up being so practical. I put my smaller items in a little bag inside it and honestly had no security issues.

    I need a new one ASAP. It's the only bag I want to carry. My GM is red and I actually love the color. This is coming from someone who ONLY have black bags. I'm normally crazy about black but love the color on the Goyard. I'm thinking of buying my next one in yellow, blue or white. Or black. I'm obsessed.
  12. everytime i see a st. louis the corners are worn off...EVERYTIME
  13. Not worth the money. My friend's St Louis has cracked handles. Id rather spend mine on a common but better quality LV neverfull.
  14. My St Louis is just fine, and I'm absolutely addicted to it! This being said, I wish I had known about the (newer!) Amaartois - it's basically the same as the St Louis but with a zip on top. There are less complaints about it, too
  15. If u like it, you should go for it, u buy the design and product of idea from designer, and I think it's worth it :smile:
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