Introducing - Anjou Reversible Tote

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  1. To update/review my first few weeks with the white Anjou: I'm still totally in love with it. I wear it almost daily now, and it's a perfect everyday bag. The main limitation I have with the white color is that yes, I am paranoid about it, and will not carry it if I know I'm going somewhere where it might have to sit on the ground, etc. Definitely not for any kids' birthday parties! The only other (minor) quibble I have is that it's a challenge to turn it inside out. I wear it about half the time with the leather out, and the other half with the canvas out. It takes a few minutes to switch around. I have a Tiffany reversible hobo and that one I can turn inside out in just a few seconds. The Goyard is stiffer and takes more force to reverse, and I'm always a little worried that my fingernails will scratch the bag because it's a lot of pulling. Anyway, still love it LOTS, the white goes with so much especially in Florida, and I just have to be careful with it.
  2. I have another update regarding the Anjou, specifically the luggage tag. I called the New York boutique and also emailed the service email, to inquire about purchasing a luggage tag for my Anjou that I just bought in Paris on Sept 7. I asked for the luggage tag at the time, but they told me that shipping to the U.S. would be over €200, since I wouldn't be in Paris for a month to pick it up. I assumed I'd be able to purchase the tag separately in New York, and was not advised otherwise by the SA. Now Goyard is refusing to sell me a tag. They say they must be purchased at the same time as the Anjou or they will not sell them. This, despite the fact that they have the record of my Anjou purchase in their system. I get that they want to limit this item to Anjou owners. But it makes no sense to me to demand that I pay >€200 in shipping fees or forever lose my option to accessorize my Anjou. I am a new customer who is trying to spend more money at their store and they are refusing to take it....LV would not do this. And yes, I get that they're trying to be exclusive etc...but I own the bag in question and just bought it!! I'm not a happy camper right now.
  3. I would write a strongly worded email. Such a strange, inflexible policy. So much conflicting reports on the availability of the tag itself. :nogood:
  4. mbstmartin, I live in HK, when I bought my Anjou in Paris, they ship the tag to me at no cost. The SA told me they will cover the shipment cost. You should write to Paris shop and inquire about this. As it takes a month for them to initializ the tag, it's their responsibility to ship it to clients as the price of the bag includes the tag. Good luck!
  5. Tempted by this! Does anyone have a modeling pic of this with the leather side? And those who have seen it, which colors did you like most and why?

  6. I've been reading through the thread with great interest and have a question for those who have purchased one in Paris.

    If you purchase a luggage tag does it have to be painted (like the Artois which won't be sold without having your initials painted on it) ?

    From reading Mbstmartin's posts, I understand that:

    1) it doesn't make sense to buy the luggage tag in Paris, as the initials take some time to be painted, and the shipping for the tag is as almost as much as the tag.
    2) the NYC boutique won't allow you to purchase a luggage tag for an Anjou purchased in Paris

    so the I am wondering:

    1) Can you buy an unpainted tag in Paris, and then have it painted at a later time in the US or
    2) Buy an unpainted tag in Paris and never have it painted?
  7. Nope I tried to get mine without initials just to take it as it is as I'm not so interested having my initials on my bags but you can't get one without.
  8. I had the same experience, you can't buy it unpersonalized and you can't buy it separate from the Anjou or at a later date after your Anjou purchase. It has to be a simultaneous purchase AND has to be personalized. The only way to make it economically reasonable to purchase in Paris if you're from the US is to pre-order so you can be there physically to pick it up after personalization is complete (4-6 weeks, I think).

    Or spend €210 to ship a luggage tag to yourself in the US.

  9. Thanks for your answers.

    I had actually emailed Goyard Paris the same day I posted my tpf question here, and the reply I received today was exactly as you both indicated. The tag may only be purchased with the Anjou and it must be "personalized".
  10. This is amazing bag!! I can't wait to see it irl!!!
  11. Has the leather/canvas started to slouch more? Wondering how much it'll soften with reversible layers.
  12. The luggage tag issue has gotten even more complicated-- in Paris at least:

    1). The luggage tag is currently sold out .
    2) If you want one you still must purchase it at the time you purchase the Anjou.
    3) The estimated time until Goyard receives another shipment of luggage tags is 6 to 9 months-- most likely 9 months

    So in summary, in Paris you have to pay for the luggage tag when you buy the Anjou, wait 6-9 months for Goyard to get them back in stock, wait for the tag to be painted, and then pay €210 to have it shipped to you!
  13. It has softened a tiny bit, but it doesn't slouch much. It holds its shape really well.
  14. Good grief!
  15. Here's a pic leather side out

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