Introducing - Anjou Reversible Tote

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  1. No, none of the stores are. I was given incorrect info in Paris about that and had my receipt and photos of the bag, so they were able to make a special exception for me because they wound up having an extra, which I am so appreciative of. But no, you can't buy them individually.
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1455400292.902647.jpg just saw tbis today at the St. Honore boutique! Mini Anjou reversible!! 1300euro and sold out in all colors. So cute
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  3. I was in the sf boutique today and they told me that the luggage tags on the Anjou tote will be available for purchase separately. The SA said they don't come with the tote. The tags should be available around the summer.
  4. Like so many others I'm debating between the St Louis or Anjou!

    Any updates on durability?

    I wonder if the inside out piping added to the painted canvas side with the Anjou's design will improve the durability of the corners/edges as well?

    Also has anyone preordered the Anjou/other bag to pick up when in Paris to make sure it's in stock when you're there? Is that possible and still get the VAT refund?

    Sorry I just have so many questions still!
  5. Oh, wow! Return of a mini tote at Goyard! Thanks for sharing. Would love this in a pop of colour. :biggrin:
  6. I inquired about ordering it before a visit to Paris and I was told to place the order I would need to wire the funds for the bag at the time of the order. I didn't end up doing it because the main reason I wanted to place the order in advance was to give enough time for the luggage tag to be painted and completed. I found out that they were out of the luggage tags so there was no need to do it.

    Someone else should pipe in here, but I think what they do is they ring up the order as a deposit, and then when you pick it up they change it a purchase allowing you to present that purchase receipt when leaving France.

  7. I suppose the corners will last longer as it's leather. I can't tell for sure because I didn't start to use my Anjou yet. I see it more as a summer bag.
  8. Thank you for the information! That's exactly what I was thinking of doing - I emailed them some questions so will post here as well WHT I learn from Goyard Paris.
  9. Thanks for the feedback - can't wait to see one in person!
  10. Hi Sbelle.........I found this thread to get some info about the reversible's not available in the US?
  11. It is also sold at the NYC boutique.
  12. Anjou owners, how are the straps holding up?

    Really have a need for a green Anjou. Any info on the latest pricing in Paris?

  13. Mine is holding up very well. I've had it since September 2015, and there's no visible wear or cracking on the straps. Nor on the canvas. I wear it about half of the time canvas side out, the other half leather side out.
  14. Ah, that's great to know! I've always held back on a St.Louis because of the straps. Thanks for replying. :biggrin:

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  15. Have you heard anything more about this?

    I called the NYC boutique a week before last and they told me that the tags would not be available for sale separately.