Introducing - Anjou Reversible Tote

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  1. I just bought one in black a few weeks ago in Paris and the PM was 1650 euros and was told for other colors the PM was 2145 euros. The GM was priced at 1950/2535 euros. Those were all prices before de-taxing - hope that helps!

    Oh and you might want to try emailing them in advance to place a pre-order to ensure that they have the color you want!
  2. When I placed an order last month at the Paris store they said that the Residence tag can only be purchased at the time of purchasing the Anjou and cannot be ordered afterwards separately. It was priced as 175 euros I think after the tax refund?
  3. From Modern Luxury's June 2016 issue.

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  4. That mini one is adorable! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
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