Introducing - Anjou Reversible Tote

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  1. Thanks for the photo. Love your white Anjou!

    2 questions -

    (1) which side do you use more often? The leather or painted canvas side?

    (2) are the handles holding on well?

    I have been contemplating getting the Anjou as in my opinion, having soft leather or painted canvas as interior means I have to be really careful with what I put inside. Also, I am concerned that its handles have the same problem as St. Louis. :P
  2. I was told today that the Goyard boutique in Printemps in Paris will start selling the Anjou in December.
  3. I have a Black GM Anjou scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Im told its with the luggage tag but no mention of personalization. I hope its with the bag and Im also a little nervous, I have a few St Louis GM's and love them but in a stiffer bag Im hoping it won't look huge.
  4. Please let us know how you like it in gm! I was thinking about a gm but worried that it would be too big bc it won't sag the way the regular gm does.
  5. Got it and.... no luggage tag.
    I really love it tho and it came just in time because my black St Louis GM is falling apart to the point of tiny wholes in it!!! I have to do something about that.
    I am going to try to break out the Anjou tomorrow. Very happy with it!!
  6. Would you mind posting pics? I would love to see how it looks against the body! A huge congrats!!!

  7. I'd say I use each side about half of the time...Canvas side out if I want to be more casual, or am going somewhere where I'm concerned the leather will get dirty, and leather side out for a more polished/formal look.

    The handles are great. They are much more substantial than the St Louis handles, so I don't foresee any problems with them. Very comfy to wear!

    I am very careful about what I put inside. I always use small pouches to contain anything I put inside the purse--I would never drop a pen, makeup, etc inside it without putting it in a pouch first.

  8. Thanks for your reply!
  9. I was able to pick up a black Anjou in Paris and have to say I really love it. I like a bag with some structure, so the St. Louis is not a perfect bag for me.

    I would have loved to get a luggage tag too, but since they are completely sold out and anticipate it being 6-9 months before they are back in stock, it wasn't meant to be.

    I did discover two other options in Paris if you desire a tag, but neither is in the goyardine fabric. Goyard has a leather luggage tag-- I don't know if this is a current item, or prior stock they have-- and I picked up one in pink. I also found a luggage tag at Moynat and picked up a pretty one in black pebbled leather.

  10. Congrats and enjoy! Any pics?

  11. Do you think the handles on the Anjou are the same or longer than the St. Louis pm?
  12. Hi! Does anyone know the price for the PM and GM in the US?
  13. Hi does anyone know if there the anjou has arrived in the London store? I tried calling multiple times and no one picks up. I also tried emailing them and no responses so far and it's been a week.

  14. Et voilà! Success, after I took the advice of the helpful folks here, I was able to get my luggage tag for my Anjou due to the miscommunication in Paris. The New York boutique went above and beyond for me and I'm so happy!

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  15. Is the NYC boutique selling these individually now?
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