Introducing - Anjou Reversible Tote

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  1. Update! The luggage tag comes with the bag ONLY gor the 1st 100 buyers! Just got my PM Anjou yesterday and the tag is now available for purchase separately.
  2. Congratulations to Manon , which colour did you buy? Did you order 'your' tag and will they put your initials on it?
    Someone has already put a black one for sale on ebay but it's no bargain I'm afraid.
  3. Have been thinking about the St. Louis , but now I am in love with this one! :loveeyes: any word on when the NYC stores will receive?

  4. September.
  5. Can you purchase just the tag itself? I would love to have it for my Ambassade. If so, how much are they?

  6. I was at the NYC boutique mid-week and asked for clarification on some of our questions. It sounds like they have gotten conflicting information from Paris on the luggage tag issue.

    So I don't think they are 100% sure, but I was told that the latest information was that the luggage tag would not come with the anjou. It would be available for purchase separately.
  7. I was In The Main store in paris a few weeks ago..according to the SA, the
    Anjou reversible tote does come with the luggage tag.
  8. "Dear Madam,

    We would like to thank you once more for your message and constant sharp interest in Goyard’ creations.

    Furthering your query, the Résidence badge holder was indeed complimentary for the 100 first lucky customers discovering our brand new purse in store.

    Should you wish to have a Résidence, its value amounts 210 euros for a classic black finish, whereas a limited crafted badge holder value amounts 275 euros.

    Résidence has to be personalized with two initials painted in a red at its bottom."
  9. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  10. I'm glad I saw this thread. Was about to order a st louis. Can we pre order from BG or barneys? Anyone know? Also how do you guys feel about the piping on the seems showing when inside out? Do you like the look?
  11. Received this from the awesome SA at Goyard in Beverly Hills-

    We just received pricing on the Anjou. The Anjou will be available to the US Market sometime in September/October...and it sounds like first availability will be at our Manhattan Flagship, followed by our boutique in Beverly Hills. It is projected to have very limited availability as it is a new launch and a labor intensive piece.

    PM: Black: $2,080
    PM: Color: $2,700

    GM: Black: $2,450
    GM: Color: $3,180
  12. Hello All! I'm new to this forum...

    I like the concept of a reversible tote. That's very interesting...Nice!
  13. Has anyone heard more about the tag recently?

    The NYC boutique told me that Paris had gone back and forth on whether the anjou comes with a tag or not. The last I heard (at the beginning of August) was that it did not, that the tag had to purchased separately. Just curious whether that's what people are being told currently.

    Can't wait to see this in person!
  14. I received an email response from the Paris boutique on Sept. 1 with some general info about Anjou. It specifically referenced that the bag comes with a removable pouch, but there was no mention of the tag. (I realize that's hardly a definitive answer, but it gives the impression the tag is not included.)
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    I just bought the Anjou in white at the Paris boutique today. I asked about the luggage tag. They quoted me a price of €230 for sale to ship to US, since I won't be here in a month when the personalization is finished (that must be the price minus the VAT), but then the shipping would be €210 additional to the U.S!! So I just bought the bag and will try to order the tag once it becomes available for sale in the US. So...if you're planning a trip to Paris and will be shopping for this bag + tag, maybe contact the store to buy ahead of time so they'll have time to personalize it for you. €210 to ship a luggage tag is ridiculous! The SA told me it's due to the U.S. import duties. Boo.

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