I love New York - a reveal

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  1. What is in the LARGE box ?????? :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  2. wowwwww... beautiful karo. love the colour.
  3. Thanks for that! I don't think I even saw any of these at the Bond Street store on Saturday, they are really useful
  4. I love the karo -it's such a pretty color!
    Now on to the big box....!
  5. congrats! but what's in the big box?!!!
  6. ohh what a pretty karo!!
  7. hanako, your Karo is great! What's in the other box? :popcorn:
    Congrats!! :smile:
  8. ITA...what happened Hanako? What's in the other box? Should we all start guessing?:yes:
  9. It's just after 7am in Singapore - hopefully she will be up soon, so we can see what's in the big box!;)

    Great karo, Hanako!
  10. Beautiful Karo!

    Waiting for the big orange box reveal is just torture. :sad:
  11. Waiting for the big box!!!!!!

  12. What happened to this reveal????? :sad:
  13. Vermillion Karo -- wow gorgeous! First that I have seen in that color!!!
  14. Hey!!!! What's in the big box? :search: Yoo hoo! Are you there????
  15. :tumbleweed: