I love New York - a reveal

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  1. (cool! Barbapapa!)
    what is it???
  2. that would be my guess too
  3. Kelly wallet?

    Barbapapa is like a stress releaser, you squeeze the toy to release stress!
  4. I need to get like a 100 of those Barbapapas -- definitely getting one tomorrow at the Sony Plaza store!
  5. ^ Oo, could you send a couple my way?! LOL!!
  6. I think Barbapappa could take Mr. Froggy!

    I'm guessing a Kelly wallet in mysore?
  7. Sure! :yahoo: What color? I definitely love the fuschia pink!
  8. I say Kelly Wallet or maybe a Jige...
  9. Me too!! :P
  10. More hint then....


    Barbapapa is a great stress reliever. I dont think it can take Mr. Froggy. Mr. Froggy is like...up there...the guardian and supervisor of amazing Hermes treasures ordinary people like me can only dream. The only thing my Barbapapa has done is been on couple of travels with me:

  11. it looks like a kelly wallet!!!
  12. I looks like a wallet!!!

    Your Barbapapa is sooo cute... they are a couple!!

    More please~!!
  13. Pink Pink Pink!!!???
  14. Rose shocking chevre Kelly Wallet?? :love:
  15. alright hanako, enough with the teasing... let the stripping begin!!