I love New York - a reveal

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  1. I love the Barbapapas, even before we get to the goodies!!:wlae:

    btw, where can I buy one online? ( a search did not come up with them...)
  2. It's close to bedtime and I only managed to load one more picture. Pink is getting there in terms of color (would love rose shocking).

    Sorry, but this is going to be another teaser. You girls have not come close yet ;)
  3. It's not even 11pm yet!! Hurry hurry!!
  4. rosy kelly wallet?
  5. Jige?
  6. is it a KARO GM or PM??????????
  7. Please don't go to bed and leave us hanging....=)
  8. vermillon karo???
  9. aiyo kelly32, bingo! you girls are good :tup:

    ms.piggy, i'm getting old. ok i can't leave you girls hanging. here is the karo gm in vermillion:

  10. such a tease! hurry!

  11. your karo is gorgeous! is this in SWIFT leather? :biggrin:
  12. such rich color on that red.
  13. I'm still a relative newbie to all this, despite the brand new Birkin, so could someone please tell me what a Karo is? Is it a coin purse? It looks lovely! Such a wonderful colour
  14. What a pretty karo. I can't believe i never even looked at them in stores before. Very beautiful rich color. :love: Congrats!

    Now... what's in the big box? :graucho:
  15. It's beautiful, Congrats!!!!!