I love New York - a reveal

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  1. showtime.....
  2. ????????? please??????????
  3. drum roll.....
  4. a peek from the shoulders.....


    this should be an easy guess!
  5. oooohhhhh I'm just in time!!!!
  6. Any more pics? I'm guessing a gold Birkin?
  7. Sorry girls for the long-ish reveal.Yes, it's a 30cm goldie in clemence :


    I was at the Wall Street store looking for a bright-colored karo and I was curious about their birkins inventory. The SA at first said that only the ones showing on the floor are available (but they do not have any in size 30cm). He then asked how is the inventory in Singapore, and I told him it is extremely hard to get a birkin on walk-ins in any Hong Kong or Singapore Hermes stores. He was very sweet; I didn't know this at first but afterwards he approached his manager and asked whether one of the bags in the back could be shown to me. And it was this gold birkin. I was really undecided about getting a gold birkin as I have never thought about this color at all. Hope this bag will prove versatile.
  8. Such a beauty!! Enjoy your Birkin!
  9. Thank you Nola. :smile:

    Mme. de la Paix, I got the Barbapapas from Sony Plaza store when I was in Tokyo. Not sure whether the products are available online.
  10. gorgeous birkin! gold is definitely a great versatile color!
  11. Gold is definitely versatile, congrats!
  12. Nice red Karo and Gold Birkin. Congrats!

    Yes, it's definitely difficult to get a Birkin in Singapore for walk-in customers.
  13. Congrats on the Birkin!

    Glad you didn't walk away empty-handed. :smile:
  14. :yahoo: Congratulations! :yahoo:
  15. Beautiful!