How to keep the shape of your Birkin

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  1. FFC55F7C-3D93-41C4-86CD-B699192F45E9.jpeg ACFF0982-ED75-4995-A8E8-57AAEC5727D2.jpeg I’m not sure if I am allowed to post this but as this is just a prototype and not available just yet hopefully it’s ok.
    If not Mods please remove.
    I wanted a natural breathable pillow for my Kelly (avoiding plastic and I’m fed up with so much tissue paper!) so this is made of unbleached cotton and filled with pure natural wool and what I’m using currently.
  2. I was told by Hermes never to use plastic or bubble wrap inside the bag. They said the plastic gives off gasses and will ruin the leather over time.
  3. Please let us know when they become available and how to purchase one.
  4. As far as I can tell from reading the rules I’m not allowed to promote my own products on here but I can add a link to my signature for my website. Not got that far yet but when I can (if I’m allowed) I will :smile:
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  5. I want one of those pillows too!
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  6. Add me to the list.
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  7. Me as well, Tonimichelle. Looks great.
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  9. I saw their shipping fees and changed my mind. Like what the heck? Lol
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  10. The price for shipping is outrageous. This is exactly what I had been looking for so bought one for each of my bags and only had to pay one shipping charge. Made it feel slightly better. Kinda. Ish.
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  11. Oh my gosh $25 that’s insane!
  12. I would like one too please :heart:
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  13. This is the best advice. I do the same for a couple of my Guccis as well.
  14. I use the ever ubiquitous Amazon air bags.
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