How to keep the shape of your Birkin

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  1. ....I use this...:buttercup:

  2. What else do you ladies/gents use to keep the shape of your Birkin? Please do share :greengrin:
  3. That pic is hilarious :lolots:

    I used a folded up duvet cover when I don't use her for a few days.
  4. Your pic is great!!:lol:I thought you meant keeping your birkin in shape: daily workouts and a strict diet..:PI use a towel if inuse or the plastic bubbles when in the box.
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  5. :P What an adorable picture!!
  6. I heard that towel is a good choice as it also absorb water in the air especially if you have a humid weather.
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  7. I use a pillow made for the size by me filling each bag to different needs then once it's closed and filled I massage and press and move the birkin especially the main arch that usually bends a bit and that's it but since I like floppy birkins I really don't mind much ! It's more a question of the leather staying well not stressing or cranking with and hope it helps .birkel.
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  8. Even more than the filling, it is important to lay your bags down to sleep, that is, on their sides, they do not like to go to sleep upright. If you do that every time you will extend the life of your bag tremendously. I do not recommend stuffed and standing upright.
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  9. stuff it with australian dollars, lol
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  10. I fold and roll a towel into the right size, place it in the bag, pull the straps so they are snug, do not put them through the metal guides (to avoid inadvertent metal scratching on metal) and as Baba says, must lay it on its side.
  11. Just as question when you put them on their side don't they fold a bit????? Anyway I was told never to place thebbag lying down on the hw side .hope it helps.
  12. My bags sleep standing on their bases. Unstuffed, dressed only in their sleeping bags. Why would it make a difference, standing or lying down. I'm serious; not joking or making fun. I need to know if I am killing my Birkins and their less fortunate sisters early.
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  13. I stuff my bags with the plastic pillows they arrived with, place them in their sleeper bag, then lay them on their side in their tissue filled boxes.....I "tuck them in" each time I finish carrying one...LOL. Then it goes up high on the top shelf in my closet!
    All of my bags look brand new.

    BTW- I treat my scarves and Hermes jewelry the same way.....weird, I know.
  14. I totally forgot about the "covering" part...thanks for the tip!!:sweatdrop:
  15. Lol thanks! The only workout this bag gets is in and out of the closet/house so far :graucho: