how many pieces of jewelry do you wear at a time?

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  1. Well today wearing two loves, bracelets and rings and diamond bracelet, VCA necklace and earrings. So six today. That is about average for me.
  2. My bare essentials, never take off ever pieces are my engagement ring and wedding band. I wear earrings 90% of the time, and i have a diamond tennis bracelet that i wear 90% of the time. Im not a big necklace person, i only have one fine jewelry necklace that i wear, although i have been using fashion necklaces to accessorize my work outfits. Ive been doing the arm party thing too, usually 2-3 items on my arm.

    So, to answer your question, i usually wear 4 pieces, but ive been wearing 6+ lately!!!
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    My cross I've worn around my neck for 20 yrs
    My wedding ring I purchased for myself because I love me more than anyone ever will
    And my birthstone ring
    A watch
    My gold earrings
    My gold charm bracelet I purchased when I graduated from college
    My gold and platinum bracelet I got with ex husband number 1
    My large heart Tiffany bracelet from my oldest daughter
    My large circle tag Tiffany bracelet
    So 9 pieces 😬
  4. Wedding band, watch and earrings always.
    Sometimes- necklace or bracelet.
    I've never really bought into the whole stacking trend ( although I like it on other people).
    When I wear my e- ring I wear minimal jewelry because that is quite substantial.
    I prefer simplicity and like to have one stand out piece at a time....and sometimes that item isn't even jewelry.
  5. Your aesthetic is always fabulous.

  6. This is me
  7. Thanks! That's so kind of you to say!
  8. At minimum, my gold wedding band (I never take it off).

    Usual weekend (not working), my wedding set, right hand ring, and one other item like either a necklace or bracelet (I'm more minimal on weekends).

    During the week, depending on what I'm wearing, usually my wedding set, right hand ring, watch or bracelet or both, necklace and earrings.
  9. Hi mickey,
    i'm not sure myself why.i guess maybe because i fell out of love with Cartier and this bracelet can be uncomfortable at times e.g. gym, sleep etc.
    when i first started with jewelry,i was crazy about Cartier and slowly realised that Van cleef is more my cup of tea. i find that VCA is more feminine and wished I had spend the money on VCA instead.

    Maybe one dayi will fall in love again with cartier,who knows? i will keep my cartier pieces just in case
  10. My jewelry is very simple, so I never worry about one piece overpowering another, or my outfit. I always wear a silver or gold necklace and a pair of silver earrings. Sometimes, I'll wear a ring on my right hand. It's rare that I wear a bracelet.
  11. 4 channel set eternity bangles paired with a Pascal Lacroix hinged bangle

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  12. Depends largely on which pieces I'm wearing and how blingy they are!

    I will always wear my e-ring and a small watch.

    If I have small diamond studs (0.5ctw) in, then I can wear a necklace. If i'm wearing my 1.5ctw huggies, then I find wearing anything else with them absolutely overpowering!
  13. Hmmm. Good question.

    I wear scrubs at work, so I usually just have on a watch, wedding ring, and diamond studs. Outside of work I'll add a necklace and bracelet. I like to admire other people with tons of jewelry on, but for me, less is more is definitely my motto.
  14. I wear a pair of earrings, a cartilage piercing earring, a watch, 3 friendship bracelets, 2 necklaces, and 4 rings, 2 of which are stacked. That's a lot. 😳 and I usually wear a lot more bracelets!
  15. Cartier mini love bracelet plus the love bracelet, trinity ring left and my juste nu clou ring right, this is what I wear every day. When I want to dress up a little I wear earrings or my dbty necklace
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