how many pieces of jewelry do you wear at a time?

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  1. 2-3 peices, unless I'm going for a more layered look.
    (My love, a wedding band of some type, and maybe earrings.)

    I've always liked a more restrained look for myself. When I wear several peices nothing really stands out....sometimes I do like the more complete layered look, but for me it takes more thought to have the look be cohesive and not like I just grabbed a handful of baubles.
  2. Usually 1-2 rings, a necklace, and a pair of earrings.
  3. on the average day, 0. If I wear anything my wedding set.
  4. 6 rings, now 2 bracelets soon 3 bracelets and a watch but the are all classic, so nothing oversize big.
    Where what you like!
  5. For many years I only wore a minimum number of pieces, but then I decided that since jewelry can be worn for years without showing wear, there's really no reason for me to "save" it and just leave it in the box and never use it.
    So I now use and enjoy the jewelry I have.

    So pretty much every day I wear...
    My wedding set + 3 other rings on hands.
    Watch on left wrist, and anywhere from 1 - 3 bracelets on right wrist.
    Earrings and necklace.
  6. I keep my jewelry to the bare essentials; l always wear my wedding set, watch, and diamond studs. Every now and then I'll throw on a necklace or rhr.
  7. As much as I can carry.
  8. Usually earrings + ring (e-ring mostly) + watch.

    Sometimes I'll add a bracelet OR a necklace/pendant.

    So assuming we count earrings as 1, I wear between 3-4 pieces daily.
  9. I usually wear two stacked eternity bands and a watch on the left, and a long horse charm on a silver chain around my neck (trying this out as a statement piece).

    Last night, I wore a crazy over the top necklace and nothing else (no watch) except for my usual wedding set stand in (the two eternity bands)

    If I am wearing one sort of "star" piece, I keep the competition down by subduing the other pieces I want to wear.

    I think at the most, I wear like 4-5
  10. i wear my engagement ring every day.

    i usually wear a statement ring on my right hand.

    if my hair is up ill wear earrings.

    i occasionally wear bracelets, but i work with my hands a lot and i dont like them to bump things.
  11. I wear the same pieces pretty much every day: e-ring and wedding band, small earrings (either .20tcw bezel diamond studs or Tiffany SS tear drops dangles), and .3ct diamond fixed solitaire necklace. When I want a little extra I like to layer my SS Tiffany bracelets (bead, venetian link, and classic link with heart tag removed). I don't like my jewelry to sit in my jewelry box so I try to buy pieces that I can wear all the time. I like white metals and diamonds :smile: I would love to add a RHR in the future. Maybe a thin diamond eternity day.
  12. Wow this thread makes me feel like I wear a lot.. Lol... I always wear some type of stud or small hoop, one or two necklaces (delicate and can be layered lately it's my Tiffany arrows) I have a half eternity ring from my grandfather, diamond sapphire evil eye bracelet from my best friend, and I always wear my love bangle and on and off my eternity bangle... It's slightly too big so I wear a small gold bead bracelet to buffer. So it can be 5-7 on any given day... And when I get a new watch that will go on my other wrist. My pieces are small and discreet; they have the metro Tiffany look to them so I think it works
  13. I wear gold hoops, a gold necklace with a pearl pendant (that I never take off, except to clean), two bracelets(one wg dbty and one yg link) and two bands on my ring finger, so that equals about five to six for me. I don't always wear my bracelets, it depends on when hubby leaves for work since I can't put them on by myself. I generally have jewelry that is dainty and wearable every day. So it works. I change out my pieces, but usually am at fix to six pieces.
  14. I wear 2 bracelets, a watch and a necklace, 4 all together but somedays I may wear a ring. So 4-5 on a daily basis.
  15. I don't count or plan it.
    I like layering and stacking but I've never paid attention to how many items.