how many pieces of jewelry do you wear at a time?

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  1. E-ring, wedding band and watch 24/7 except in the shower. When I go out: add earrings, necklace, bracelet, right hand ring, always. Maybe a bracelet stack sometimes.
  2. I typically wear my engagement ring, right hand ring and 3 bracelets ( just bought a tennis bracelet so I'm excited to add this to my everyday stack).
  3. 5-6: Wedding band, e-ring, a ring that was a gift from DH, necklace and a bracelet or two.
  4. I always wear my wedding set which is 3 rings, a right hand ring and earrings. And usually a necklace or bracelet, sometimes both.

    So 5-7 pieces!
  5. Phew quite a lot. Three bangles on one wrist, a couple of small hoops in one ear and two small earrings in another, a necklace and a custom ring. Sometimes I don't wear any rings at all or no necklace but the earrings and bracelet remain (for now).
  6. Gosh, I don't really keep count. Some days I only wear a few pieces like one or two pieces, and other days I layer a lot. I don't really think it matters if you wear a lot of jewelry at once. If the jewelry type that you wear is delicate jewelry (dainty jewelry/small diamonds, that kind of style), then you can definitely layer or wear at least a couple of pieces at once, in my opinion. There are some days where I will wear a necklace, multiple rings, and two sets of earrings but all of the jewelry is small (low carat diamonds or under 1 carat), and more plainer, or delicate so I feel that it is okay to layer.
  7. image.jpg IMG_5532.JPG IMG_5533.JPG I wear my 3 stone wedding ring, mostly I pair it with a 7 stone anniversary band. I just got for my 50th birthday a beautiful ring and wear it on my right hand but I'm thinking wearing it all together is a bit much. I have been just wearing my anniversary band no 3 stone ring and then my new birthday gift. I also always wear 2 Cartier love bracelets on my right wrist. Sometimes I wear a watch on opposite wrist of bracelets. I usually wear an understated necklace a gold bar with my kids names engraved on it. I wear simple earrings either a diamond stud or a sapphire stud or small diamond white gold huggie earrings.
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  8. At work i used to go with 2 rings, one in each hand and a rosary bracelet. Then they didnt allow any jewelry so i just wear one ring which i take off during work and back on during break. At home im always with my rings but when i come out i wear 2 rings, my rosary bracelet and pandora bracelet. If its a special occasion i add an earrings.
  9. Usually just CZ studs, a right-hand aquamarine gold ring, and either a locket or my grandmother's wedding ring on a gold chain. Sometimes I wear a leather or macrame bracelet. I'd love to buy a hinged bangle or chain bracelet, but I prefer the color of yellow gold, and gold bracelets are expensive! day :smile:
  10. 2 earrings. 2 necklaces. Bracelets both wrists. 2 rings
  11. I would drape myself in jewellery if I could!
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  12. Usually 2-3 rings, one or two bangles, earrings and usually a necklace too. I feel undressed without my jewelry, and I chose the gems for the day depending on my mood and the ‘energy’ of the pieces.
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  13. 3 and a half pairs of earrings( I have 7 holes) 2 piece wedding set. 16 Sterling Silver bracelets on my right arm. 4 gold rings on my right hand. 2 gold chains around my neck. One is a .25 diamond and the other is a cross. 3 gold bracelets on my left arm. This is what I wear everyday.
  14. Usually no more than...
    2-4 rings
    1 pair of earrings
    1 bracelet
    1 necklace
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