how many pieces of jewelry do you wear at a time?

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  1. Ering, and Rolex on left hand, 2.3ctw studs, right hand rings, stacking 3 gold and one platinum band right now. Don't have a consistent necklace. Working on a bracelet. :smile:

  2. I think we must be jewelry twins! I wear my thin Trinity and mini love ring stacked on my left hand with my love cuff. And JUC ring or white gold eternity on my right hand. I swap my love for my JUC bracelet or stack them together for a more 'glamorous' look!
  3. 3 pairs of earrings, necklace, bracelet, and 1 ring on my left hand and 2 on my right. I love jewelry
  4. Earrings or neck and bracelet/bangle or ring. I like it very simple.
  5. I'm so simple.... Pair of earrings, bracelet, sometimes a watch or pendant. I don't even wear my wedding rings all the time. I've just figured out that I'm not a ring person....
  6. Always earrings but I switch them up on a regular basis diamond studs, love ring in YG, love cuff also in YG (recently added :smile: ) and my Aquaracer watch.
  7. 9 today
  8. Usually 3; wedding band, engagement ring, and necklace
  9. Depends on what I'm wearing & what I'm doing. Some days, I'm simple & other days, I stack pieces.
  10. 9 on most days.
  11. 1-3 bracelets. A watch. And sometimes my Tiffany necklace.
  12. I wear as many as it takes. As it takes to do what, you ask? Why as many as it takes to look and feel fabulous, of course! And that means putting on my favorite pieces with my PJs when I'm under the weather like I am today. Nothing like a little bling to distract attention from my red, runny nose.
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  13. I'm a big believer in 24/7 jewelry...I can't be fussed putting on and taking off stuff everyday. So I sleep/shower/wear all the time: silver huggies, pendant, wedding set, ring hand ring and three thin bracelets. So that's 7! Then I put on a watch or others things sometimes for going out.
  14. In the morning I dress, incl. jewellery. Sometimes I put on a ring and remove it, because it does not work with the overall impression.
    Jewellery is alwas the last step, after getting dressed and putting on make up. (also because of the silicones, powder, grease etc at the beauty desk – primer, foundation, powder blush ...)

    The watch is a must, though I am not sure if it counts as a piece of jewellery. (Roley, JLC). I guess it does. :smile:

    I wear studs almost everyday. I don't like the look of pierced ear lobes without an earring.

    Necklaces can already be too much.
    Depending on the style of the ring and the necklace, these plus studs + watch sometimes make me feel like "drama", it becomes too ... heavy?
  15. I always wear a necklace. It's my thing. I have about 6-7 simple necklaces with pendants which I use on rotation.
    Then I have a ring on each finger.
    I wear a bracelet, but not more than two on one wrist.
    And a watch. I'm not a watch person, so it's usually just my Apple Watch.
    Very rarely wear earrings because my earlobes get irritated easily.
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