how many pieces of jewelry do you wear at a time?

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  1. i'm just curious hehe! i've always loved the stacking look on other girls, but i can't deal with it on myself! i love jewelry, hehe, but i always tend to wear only 1-2 pieces at a time, which everyone i know finds odd lol. anyone else like this? or do more of you ladies tend to rock a lot of pieces at once?
  2. I'm a minimalist and I think usually less is more ;)
  3. Earrings, 1 right hand ring, and either 1 necklace or 1-3 bracelets.
  4. usually diamond studs, 3 dainty bracelets on my left wrist, my legacy ring and a necklace if I feel like it. so usually 5 or 6 pieces!
  5. I'm between 2/3 mostly 2 though
  6. Watch, earrings, 2 rings, necklace & bracelet, so 6 most days.
  7. 1 pair of studs, wedding set, and necklace/rhr are optional depending on how dressed up I feel like being.
  8. I can go from 0 to maybe 5 pieces at one go depending on how I am feeling. The funny thing is that I keep seeing these wonder arm stacks on instagram but when I leave the house with a healthy dose of arm candy, I seem to be the only one with wrist all dressed up.
  9. Usually one of each item. I dont layer well altho i like the look on others
  10. I don't stack my bracelets as much as I used to. When I stacked them up, I don't think any individual piece was noticeable however nice it might be. I'm now a convert to less-is-more.

    Nowadays I wear 2 bracelets on my right wrist, my watch and one bracelet on my left; a ring on each hand; basic stud earrings and one necklace. Sometimes I layer a delicate 16" necklace with a longer pendant, but in that case I will ditch one bracelet or ring so it's not too much.

    I realise this is not minimalist by most standards, LOL, but it's restraint for me !
  11. Sounds fine by me .
    Less is not necessarily more depending on personal choice .
    I can go from very little e-ring and watch to alot depending on mood and I would say do the same .
    Jewellery is worn for pleasure so wear what makes you happy ,
    I wear what I like when I like .:biggrin::
  12. Really interesting thread. I always wear my wedding, engagement ring and watch on my left hand. Eternity ring on my right hand and diamond stud earrings. I then layer according to my mood. Recently my children bought me a bracelet which I have not yet taken off. So I would also say 5-6 pieces.
  13. between 5-6 pieces
  14. My staples are my wedding rings and watch on my left hand/wrist and a pair of earrings - normally diamond studs. I also normally wear my Love on my right wrist and a ring on my right hand. Occasionally I stack the Love with another bracelet but I tend to prefer the look of one bracelet on its own. I also add a necklace sometimes, so 5-6 items in total but sometimes 7 if I want to stack two bracelets or two necklaces together (never both at the same time as for me this would be too much).
  15. My average is 5 pieces. If I feel dressy, I will put on a statement necklace.