how many pieces of jewelry do you wear at a time?

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  1. I always wear my wedding ring, a watch and diamond stud earrings. then I pick out a right hand ring and a necklace that go with my outfit for that day/occasion. also according to what i'm wearing is what watch i'll wear - I rotate between 4. and then according to what watch I pick out I usually stack 5 thin gold bracelets with either a David Yurman diamond cuff or a small gold bangle with diamonds set down in it on the top.

    my clothing tends to be rather plain - solid neutral colored slacks with a solid colored top and a coordinating cardigan. since my clothing is rather simple I tend to bling it up with my jewelry.
  2. Everyday I wear my 3 14k gold bracelet and 2rings stack together and earring and a watch if I don't wear them I felt naked.
  3. My amount has changed since I've had to work more at home these past couple of months.
    It really depends on what in stacking.

    If I'm stacking bangles-- 3 and watch....
    Small earrings, one necklace, one ring.

    If I'm layering necklaces... Small earrings, one or two bracelets and watch + one ring

  4. I am opposite with rings. For some reason no matter the season I feel naked without one ring!
  5. Everyday I wear my E-Ring, Rose gold Tiffany lock, Pandora and a watch. I sometimes layer a long link chain (46 inch, doubled) as well.
  6. I let one piece be the "star of the show" and the rest supporting players. If I am wearing a stand-out necklace, then I dim the earrings, watch, ring. If a ring is the big piece, then I go subtle on other stuff, etc...

    As for number, depends upon if I have a star piece or not.

    Usually earrings, watch, and a few stacking bands w/engagement ring + DBTY solitaire style necklace.

    or + bracelet

    If I wear a big statement necklace or something else, then I don't stack rings, and might make earrings simple studs.
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    3 pieces wedding band, necklace and watch for daily. They have to be the same color.
    less is more.
  8. 2 necklaces, one Love cuff on my right wrist, two bracelets on my left and sometimes a watch, along with earrings.
  9. I usually have my JLC master watch, Cartier love necklace on, and a diamond ring my grandmother passed down to me. Usually I have a pair of studs in but I switch it up. Bracelets depending on how fancy I'm feeling.
  10. I never take off my engagement ring. I am wearing a watch 99% of the time if I am out of the house. Otherwise I don't wear much... Occasionally a cute bracelet or necklace. I have been considering getting another pair of pearl earrings, but I have to splurge cause anything less than 14k gold causes my ears to get infected :/ when I had a nice pair I never took those out either.
  11. A ruby/yellow sapphire band on my left hand and a Cartier trinity band on my right hand as well as a watch.
  12. I always wear my wedding and engagement rings on my left hand, two earrings, a ring on my right hand, one or two hand chains (or bracelets), a neck chain with a pendant (all my jewelry is18k gold) and a wristwatch. I am glad that I started buying gold my years I just enjoy what I have :smile:
  13. Back in the day, a "proper" lady wore only 7 points. That includes one point for skirt, blouse, shoes, handbag, etc so you're already up to 4+ points with clothing. then you could add maybe 3 more points - earrings are 1 point for each ear (2pts for earrings), so that leaves a wedding band, ering, or maybe a necklace or bracelet if you're single. SO GLAD nobody pays attention to that anymore! I can wear as many as 10+ pieces of jewelry alone when I'm stacking. :biggrin:
  14. Since I took off my Love bracelet, I just weat 2 pieces: a watch and necklace. I can't stand my love bracelet anymore and wished I gotten the VCA perlee signature instead, but what is done is done...
  15. I'm not looking for a Love bracelet, but since it is so popular on the forum I'm very curious as to why you no longer care for yours?