Hermesmatic - worth a try? Please post your opinions and before/after photos of scarves

  1. So sorry to hear it was disappointing, but sending best wishes that you'll love your dipped scarf!
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  2. Thanks! Will find out later this week. Have to go to Madison to pick it up. Danger!! I will have to stay on task, LOL
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  3. Merci :heart: ! Rouge vif for "Kelly en Perles", and Indigo for "Voyage en Etoffes" :yes: !
  4. I admit, I don't understand why the NYC pop-up couldn't offer all the dye options. Is it a function, perhaps, of how many machines they actually have to dye the scarves (one machine per color, for example, and only three machines making the trip round the US)?
    In spite of the fact that the NYC location was about the most inconvenient they could have chosen for me, I'm glad I went. I am genuinely excited to pick up my scarves this coming week and see what I hath wrought!
    And it was extremely satisfying that when long-suffering DH asked, "How much did THIS cost?" I could say, "Totally free, dearheart!" Not mentioning the pre-dyed scarf I bought at the pop-up. :P
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  5. Thank you, fromparis! :flowers:
  6. Interesting in that some of our European friends here described little advice given as to what dyes to choose, but lots of dye choices. In NY it sounds like there was great advice, but fewer dyes to choose from! :upsidedown: The free part still shocks me! Hermes is just such a fun, creative, free-spirited company. Yes, generates lots of interest, and they'll sell scarves, too, but this is a big undertaking to move the whole set-up around the country. Sending best wishes, Mindi, that you'll love your scarves!
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  7. Does anyone if they plan to be open until 8 this evening? I may try to make a mad dash from JFK (just landed.)
  8. The invitation says til 8 tonight. Good luck!
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  9. I just picked my scarf up and I'm very happy! There are still loads of predyed scarfs in bins under the display cases but nothing struck my fancy. Will post a pice when I get home
  10. Thanks!
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    While my before scarf was more sophisticated, I'm loving the pink which is very happy and very pink. As others have mentioned most of the other colors are still the same ... the turquoise is still turquoise and the violet is still violet only the white is really colored and the brown. The contrast hem is still violet although less of a contrast and the scarf is a bit more wrinkled than the pre dyed ones

    It's not as neon as it seems in the pic, that's just the lighting

    Here are some pics IMG_1497828058.043335.jpg IMG_1497828071.554842.jpg IMG_1497828085.754737.jpg IMG_1497828096.626717.jpg View attachment 3735818
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    I couldn't resist doing a few more (the final one will be ready for pick up at Madison this week). Note: I chickened out on doing Amours and Pierres.


    IMG_1497829297.786519.jpg IMG_1497829313.152375.jpg IMG_1497829327.007637.jpg
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  13. More afters

    IMG_1497829357.980089.jpg IMG_1497829368.929816.jpg IMG_1497829380.962277.jpg n IMG_1497829390.921298.jpg
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  14. Group shots of the ones I had done for a friend and the ones I did from my collection. All in all, this was an incredibly fun event that kept me coming back and digging through my collection of scarves for more candidates as I began to understand the process better. H outdid themselves with this idea.

    IMG_1497829436.779036.jpg IMG_1497829465.800613.jpg
  15. Wow they all turned out amazing!! It seems like your kitty is waiting to catch that koi!
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