Hermesmatic - worth a try? Please post your opinions and before/after photos of scarves

  1. Gorgeous! They came out beautifully!
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  2. Blasphemous!!! Thank goodness!!!
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  3. Omg so glad to read that the Turandots were spared! I have that slate blue colorway and adore it to pieces! Ack. Crazy to think someone woukd cinsider dyeing one!
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  4. These look amazing. I wonder if I can dip-dye a dip-dye? I have an Astrologie in pale pink and a Jungle Love in cherry that I never wear....otherwise I'll just buy my favorite 90s (I have no non-dip-dye 90s left except Mythiques Phoenix, shocking!!).
  5. Great transformations ! Your Hemispharium is really interesting in this way. I wish the blue color was available in Paris. Unfortunately, their blue was a very deep one. The color was lovely but would erase most of the details of my scarf (Les étriers). So I did not dare to do it. But one of my friend was more brave. I hope to post pictures when she'll have it back.
  6. All these transformations are just stunning!!!
  7. Of course u can!
    I've done it a couple of times. There is a "do it yourself" thread with lots of infos and examples!
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  9. Seriously! I was crying inside - I nearly went up to her begging not to do it! Even considered offering to buy her one in the display cases in exchange lol.

    A double dip dye sounds intriguing and I'm sure it would work beautifully.

    Thank you! I spoke to the colorist about this and she mentioned that every pop up would be different based on the amount of dyes that were available and that they wanted a wide array of colors. OHHH I would've loved a deep blue! I do hope you get to post pics of her scarf!
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  10. Ok folks I need assistance. I am supposed to go pick up a pocket square and drop one off today. But my foot is killing me. I'm just not physically well I can do it but I would rather not. There is no phone number on my receipt. Can anyone going today what happens if can not make it to the pick up?

    Thanks in advance.
  11. I was told the dyed scarfs will be held at Hermes Madison Ave until this Friday if you cannot pick up today
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  12. Heads up: they ran out of purple dye
  13. Yes, totally bummed that there is no purple. Three colors was not much to start with anyway, since there were 6 in Europe. I'm leaving one scarf but I have little expectations that I'm going to like the result. Taking 2 back home with me because they look better as is. Very little left to buy, and nothing of great beauty. The orange floor is nice! IMG_1497809865.778441.jpg
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  14. lol I went to the dye popup, bought a Marine Flot, Fleur et Fronteaux, then kept it as it was...
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  15. So interesting, GUCCIhoochie, thanks so much for sharing the info about the dye offerings. So like Hermes to keep us guessing as to what will be available where, and when! :lol: I think we'd all been assuming same set-up and dye choices at all the pop-ups.
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