Hermesmatic - worth a try? Please post your opinions and before/after photos of scarves

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  1. I am wondering if anyone has tried giving a second life to their H carre in Hermesmatic washing machine?
    See here:
    I was hesitant at first but at the same time saw the models of what they can do in the H shop, and have several scarves I will never wear again, because of the colors. So anyone courageous enough to plunge their beloved silks into H washing machine? The service is free as far as I understand.
  2. I should love to take in a few but there isn't a Hermesmatic near me …yet!
    I love Dipdyes and think it's a golden opportunity.
  3. It takes very little effort to hand wash my silks. Sounds like a great idea, but i'd rather not tempt fate...thanks for the info though!
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  4. That's really interesting! I'm sure some older scarves in less than appealing colorways might be revitalized. One down side would be as lanit said, I'm comfortable washing and drying almost every scarf I have, with the exception of one very very old one, and a dip dye, because I don't know whether dip dye coloring is permanent or not, so it gets babied. Having a dip dye done to a scarf to revitalize it would be cool, but washing later something that might have been previously fine being hand washed might become problematic if you had one converted to dip dye because the dye wouldn't be permanently set and maybe could run if you tried???
  5. I love dip-dyes, I have almost all of them...if I had any non-dip-dye silks I would totally do this, but the only one I have is Mythiques Phoenix and I ain't putting that in a washing machine :P
    If I pass by one of these I might very well buy a scarf to customize.
    I wonder if this will give that dip-dye texture?
  6. i didnt know you wear only dip-dyes!
    It does give the texture! I was quite impressed. They had very bright scarves died (is this how itis spelled? No pun) in grey, blue, green and pink. It was interesting! I have a couple holy grail models in absolutely unwearable colors for me, but i love the design. I will try to do one and post!
  7. I will ask about washing at H. I never wash my scaves only dryclean, so i guess i am not vey worried.
  8. I ll take aplunge then!
  9. These stores don't wash your scarves and actually, H stopped taking in scarves for cleaning a few years ago. The laundry theme is just for staging. The concept behind is take a an old scarf you no longer like (or was always a mistake colour wise) and over-dye it (as in dip-dye) to make it a-new. These pop-up stores are set-up to generate publicity and try to attract new customers (millennials) to scarves.

    I only have 2 DDs and I love them both. My main gripe with many DD cws is that I can't see the illustration very well.

    Can't think of a current scarf I own and I don't like otherwise colour wise or I wouldn't have it, but a good idea for those that made early mistakes or regret buying that must-have that turned into a drawer-liner. Maybe I have a type of colour I have too many of...

    I try to treat vintage scarves more reverently because there are far fewer of each around (Hermes, though famous worldwide wasn't the giant corporate entity it is now).

    The best candidates scarves for the treatment would have strong images on a pale/white background (high contrast) otherwise the images almost disappear. Also, think about colour theory before applying, if you bring in a yellow scarf and want to turn it blue, make sure you actually like green. No one wants to end-up with a muddy mess (unless that's the look desired of course).
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  10. you have put it really well!
    You need to know the color theory indeed to get an idea what it turns into. They explain you but very approximately what the carre would look like.
    My candidates were fuchsia Cheval Marwari and Charmante aux Animaux in brown, but looks like they will be purple /Bordeaux after the treatment. On another note, I found that the rolled hems became a real mess after treating scarves to the Hermes laundry. I dont know... will try to post a pic
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  11. I do! Dip-dyes and CS 100 cms. I dress a little bit "rock'n'roll", I guess, and if I am wearing a scarf it usually means I am wearing a t-shirt and somehow the muted colors and drape of dip-dyes works better for me.
    I wish I had a Minuit au Faubourg, that might make a cool dip-dye. But if not, I have plenty already :P
    Show us what you end up with, dying to see :heart:
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  12. I have three scarves that I don't wear anymore after hand washing them : the silk lost the shine and the crispy feeling. If I had the opportunity tho dip dye them, I wouldn't hesitate a second. I'll have "new" and unique scarves and, I'm sure, I'll wear them again. But I talk to you about scarves I don't care about :smile:
  13. Wow, what a cool concept! I've got a Sangles that I'd love to make into a dip dye in this way! Too bad I'm not anywhere near these locations... Can't wait to see finished results from you, juss!
  14. Ladies, the article in the link is from 2016! The pop-up stores are closed now, they were open just for two weeks or so in October 2016. I went to the Hermesmatic store in Munich, however, I did not have any of my scarves dyed as I do not like dip-dyes. I noticed that many customers were disappointed with the result, as their scarves did not come out in a colorway they had expected. I was told they might tour the U.S., as well, alas have no idea which cities and when.
    The Birkin in the last pic is my own, was NOT part of the store!
    I am attaching some pics for all who are interested.

    Hermesmatic Fahrrad.jpg

    Hermesmatic Waschmaschinen.jpg

    Hermesmatic Kartons.jpg

    Hermesmatic Dip Dyes.jpg

    Hermesmatic Birkin.jpg
  15. I heard this wknd from an SA that it will indeed be coming to the US sometime this year, to a few select cities, likely including NYC and Vegas!
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