Hermesmatic - worth a try? Please post your opinions and before/after photos of scarves

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  2. My inspiration was the dip dyed Feux de Ciel that I bought which was similar in coloration. I'm glad it's over or I might have dip dyed my entire collection.
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    Some before and after pocket squares:

    By far my favorite results were with the purple dye! I wish I got everything dyed with this color -
    Love how the teal in the losange became navy and the bandana is very vibrant

    Not too thrilled with this one but it was a fun process!
  4. Love the bandana! That violet is fantastic
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  5. Lol... if the grey had been available I would have been tempted to dye almost everything... agree that this event was so much fun
  6. I LOVE that pink and orange! Such a great colorway!
  7. It's Contre Courant. I was a bit hesitant since the original lavender was gorgeous but the violet dip dye did amazing things to it.
  8. I'm in love with all your transformations, especially the one you're less excited about! I think the combo of pink, orange, and brown is gorgeous! And the purple dipped bandana and losange, yum!
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  10. Beautiful--CONGRATS!!
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  11. Very well done!! I love all your transformations.
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  12. Count me in on the love for your Mosaique. I think it's fabulous! And was your Jeux pouchette dyed violet? It's quite subtle. What fun! Can't wait for mine to arrive.....
  13. Went yesterday...had a little too much fun!! I picked up 2 of the 3 scarves from Friday but one I did not like the outcome so left it be double dyed. One of the SAs had a maxi twilly that was double dyed and it was amazing. So, I will pick it up this week and see how it came it...first dyed pink and then blue...hmmmm.

    A couple of the SAs I know from Madison were there and I had a lot of fun digging through the bins with them looking for old beauties that had been transformed. I took home 3! I couldn't resist the colors and knew that they were each one of a kind that I would not be able to track down if I regretted not buying them. First is "Mineraux". The scarf is mostly black with a bright turquoise border and turquoise, gray and olive minerals. I really simple, wearable, casual scarf! Perfect with jeans. The next is the purple butterflies (not sure of the official name), the colors in this one are amazing! And, finally, a turquoise reindeer is navy and bright turquoise and similar to @BBCs Della, the snowflakes are silver. I can't capture the color of the turquoise but this scarf is much prettier IRL!!

    I will post me and my sister's transformations once I have picked them all up!

    IMG_1638.JPG IMG_1639.JPG IMG_1640.JPG IMG_1641.JPG
  14. Wow! :loveeyes: These are wonderful. I've never seen the reindeer you know the name?