Hermes Silk'in wallet

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  1. Love it! We don't get enough of the small Silk'in in my store. They are the perfect size for the smaller purses like Lindy 26's and B30's.
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  2. I’m starting to like my small silk n wallet because my credit cards slide so easily in and out. Still annoyed I have to fold my currency, and the cloth still gets caught in zipper, but other than that.......
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  3. IMG_5623.jpg It's actually silk in coin purse, you can get idea of size next to the donught...?
  4. final.jpg And here you can see the lining
  5. here is mine, mauve sylvestine. I dont know how I feel about inside pattern IMG_1836.jpeg IMG_1837.jpeg
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  6. I like your interior.
    The full size silk n wallet is quite large, I was very surprised when I inspected it, so you should be happy with this one, once you get used to folding your dollar bills!
  7. It is 3.7" x 4.5" for the compact silk-in.
  8. Very helpful of you - Thank you, chkpfbeliever. :wave:
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  10. really?? thank you guys!! its grown on me throughout today (I got it yesterday) my boyfriend and I loveeee animals he thinks they're cute haha
  11. It’s Dallet’s “Equateur”. It’s gorgeous in the colors you got.