Hermes Silk'in wallet

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Does anyone has bought the Hermes Silk'in long wallet ? has them, in 2 colors and in epsom leather with silk

    Anyone with pictures? and how does it do, having silk as its interior? Will it get damaged easily? Advices and comments please.... Thank you ;)
  2. Hi

    This is the first I have seen of it, its lovely!
    I personally would not buy it because I am so heavy handed, I would be worried about the silk, but thats me and my lifestyle.

    I hope others come along that have experience of seeing it,touching it or own one
    will be interesting to get their comments.
  3. Very pretty! I think we've had one reveal but I cannot for the life of me recall who/when. Apologies! It was stunning though!
  4. It's certainly a nice idea, I like the pop of colour on the inside, however I would never use anything like this, it'd wear out in no time the way I use my wallets. >_<
  5. That is gorgeous!!!!!! Would love to have one!!!!!!!!
  6. It looks very beautiful!I to would be worried about the silk,but that's just me.Still I keep looking at how pretty it is.
  7. The silk inside is re-enforced just like on the silky pop bags...It's not as delicate as you would think. I love this wallet and the price point is's like getting $ for an azap long wallet ;o)
  8. Oh it really is pretty!

    DocRide - oh twist my arm! Thank you for the details in terms of the wear and tear and care. I know we can always rely on you for such! :hugs:
  9. So true !!
  10. Saw it and thought that it was interesting.. concerned about the silk

  11. Hi Ladies, thank you so much for the advices and feedbacks.

    I am hard on my wallets too and hence the concern on the silk but like Docride said, I was hoping it is made of enforced silk like the silk pop/ silk city too....

    I also think the interior is interesting, something different when you open up the wallet and YES, love the price point.

    Now ClassicTwist, I hope the lady whom you said had a reveal and has this wallet will give us some real hands on insights. That would be wonderful =)
  12. The Azap Long has a great interior design ... many card slots, coin compartment with zipper, 2 compartments for dollar notes, and the middle section to drop your shopping receipts. And this is exactly like the Azap Long ... and more ... prettier in the inside (what a cheery view when you open your wallet!) & a great price too.

    PS: I am sure it's toughened silk, and I am sure Hermes won't have trouble replacing the silk interior should it be torn or whatever. (gives you a chance to change an interior!)

  13. ITA

    With this information from everyone it makes me think I could maybe use this purse, its so lovely the lining and now to know it could and would with stand use is great

    Mrs S also has a very good point

    I think I am going to take a look at one of these in the store!

    Am so glad you pointed all this out thankyou
  14. I saw this at the HK airport store, it's really pretty! I just wished they made it in another leather other than epsom...