Hermes Silk'in wallet

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  1. Sorry, I don't actually have a silk-in, but was asking about what can go inside. The bearn is too thin.
  2. Yes, the most I’ve ever been able to fit inside a Bearn is my phone.
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  3. Beware that the small silk n wallet does NOT have a sleeve for bills/currency so if you carry a lot of dollars you have to fold them and it takes up quite a bit of room and makes wallet bulge when zipped. I bought one over the phone from boutique and not pleased!
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    final.jpg final.jpg
    Apologies it's taken me so long. I can fit glasses, comb, my iPhone, perfume as well and a small lip balm. The perfume is an Hermes sample, so tiny, but can be refilled. I posted more photos on my blog. I think it's huge as a wallet, it's more like a small clutch.
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  5. which colour did you get? would love to see a photo of the no doubt stunning lining.
  6. To answer, it’s Raspberry with. Grayish lining pics attached
    D2784FCA-A1AA-41AE-B8E0-89C1F2615511.jpeg 205B1FDD-2769-4A5B-9B29-6B7435D383A3.jpeg
  7. I believe this color is rose pourpre.
  8. Yes that is what is says on receipt, my SA called it Raspberry so that is English translation.
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  9. such beautiful lining! I am lovin' these little beauties and their 'surprise' interior. so french.
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  10. Thanks- it is pleasant to the eye, and I am using it daily now. Was disappointed at first that it didn’t have a separate sleeve for bills but I am folding them in the gussets and it’s working out. Was going to exchange it but even my husband said “what a cute wallet!”
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    This thread is so pretty. So many lovely choices on the UK site, might have just treated myself to my first piece of Hermes leather. Whispers.... Bleu Electrique...
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  12. D9F59C35-154B-4378-90D2-DC9C1A9AB1AD.jpeg 4FC6D5B1-5904-46C5-8701-A02E9B558C63.jpeg 7B33BBB9-0592-422D-8324-9B1541C3DA9F.jpeg C3EAA3ED-14E3-421D-B19E-A4A9B4E0F107.jpeg It’s here, oh and it’s gorgeous. I love it, and it fits my iPhone 7 Plus perfectly.
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  15. IMG_5042.jpg ... and another thing I realised: the large one can carry my passport - so I can look très chic for :biggrin: those Eurostar queues.
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